IPB University Students Develope Environmental Friendly Ship, Won 2nd Place in National Competition

Two IPB University students won 2nd place in the Colossal National Essay Competition held by Universitas Airlangga online, last August. They are Feby Abelina and Nur Ayu Fatimah, students from the Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (Fateta) IPB University.

“In this competition, we initiated an essay entitled MACO Boat (Magnetic Cooler Boat). An, environmental friendly fishing boats based on Magneto Hydro Dynamic and Refrigerated Sea Water with photovoltaic sources to improve the welfare of fishermen during the pandemic," said Feby.

According to Feby, Indonesia as a maritime country has abundant natural marine resources. So, this is where the important role of technology is to maximize this potential.

“We innovate by creating a technologically advanced vessel that integrates Magneto Hydro Dynamic (MHD) with photovoltaic sources and Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW). This MHD functions as a driving force with the principle of dynamic movement of a fluid electric conductor with the influence of a magnetic field around it,” explained Feby.

The ship's power source is obtained by utilizing photovotaic to support the use of environmentally friendly and renewable energy and is more economical in terms of operational costs. In order to maintain the freshness of the catch and reduce the risk of ship loading due to the use of ice cubes, MACO Boat applies RSW. This RSW is a catchment catcher that has economic value, is able to maintain higher catch quality, large volume and is safe. RSW utilizes sea water which is circulated and cooled by the refrigerator.

"In the implementation of this idea, of course, the role of important parties is needed, including the government, especially the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, shipyards, investors, and fishermen. We hope this MACO Boat can be one of the solutions in facilitating the economic activities of fishermen in catching fish and other marine resources so that fishermen's lives are more prosperous during the pandemic," Ayu added.

Feby and Ayu were very happy because previously they have participated in many competitions but have not won. Moreover, the competition in the competition this time was quite tight compared to the essay competition they had participated in together before.

“I am also very grateful and grateful to Allah SWT who has given us ease in the process and gave us the opportunity to be champions. It's also nice to know and be close to Feby because it's really fun and suitable to be a partner in scientific writing competitions. Always excited to excel!” close Ayu. (NIRS/Zul) (IAAS/BLA)

Published Date : 08-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Feby Abelina dan Nur Ayu Fatimah

Keyword : Second Place, Students, IPB University, Environmental Friendly Ship