Two Experts from IPB University Describe the Achievements of Climate Change Adaptation Process

The increasing influence of climate change in Indonesia's coral reefs has also received serious attention from various parties. Two experts from IPB University, Dr. Perdinan and Dr. Yonvitner, also conveyed several achievements in the process of adapting to climate change.

The achievements conveyed were regarding the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and Climate Change Adaptation (API) which were coordinated by Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia.

Dr. Perdinan said that understanding climate change is not something new. This issue is widely discussed in various forums. It was further explained that the NDC had included information on the impacts of climate change as a reference.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yonvitner said that climate change had an impact on the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) program area. This results in increased risk and vulnerability in the area.

“Therefore, efforts at various levels are needed to follow up. We also need to use the marine conservation space to become a campus field lab in accelerating climate change adaptation,” Dr. Yonvitner said.

Director of Climate Change Adaptation, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Sri Tantri Arundhati, said that the risks of climate change were becoming more real. She believed various events that never happened, such as tropical storms that entered the mainland of the island, were an indication of climate change.

"The decrease in ice at the peak of Jaya Wijaya as a result of the increase in temperature", she said. She also said that the elaboration of NDC and API had been disseminated to all parties, including other action programs that are ready to be carried out. In the follow-up to the site level, participation from each institution is needed so that it is more adaptive.

Meanwhile, Mamat Rahmat expressed his appreciation for the NDC and API documents. He emphasized that these two documents should be able to operate up to the ground level.

“Once these materials are available, even a small level implementation must also be carried out. It may also be necessary to examine how the positive impacts of climate change will be. Including the impact of changes in wildlife behavior and the amount of biodiversity", he closed. (*/RA) (IAAS/DR)

Published Date : 15-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Dr Perdinan, Dr Yonvitner

Keyword : Climate Change, NDC, API, Climate Change Management