Drg Titik Nurhayati, One of the Figures Behind the Successful Handling of COVID-19 at IPB University

Drg Titik Nurhayati is one of the figures behind the successful handling of COVID-19 at IPB University. She specifically received an assignment from the Crisis Center Task Force of IPB University as the Coordinator for the Prevention and Emergency Department.

She carried the mandate as coordinator of the Prevention and Emergency Department
when the Crisis Center Team was formed in March 2020. This formation was in connection with the emergency conditions announced by the government, both central and regional against the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the issuance of a Letter of Assignment from the Chancellor of IPB IPB University No. 4797/IT3/KP/2020 regarding the Formation of the Crisis Anticipation Team for COVID-19 in the IPB University Environment.

Since the issuance of the decree, drg Titik has begun to coordinate with various parties. Especially in the IPB University environment and the Bogor City and Regency Governments.  

Drg Titik explained, the first step in handling COVID-19 prevention for IPB University students was the repatriation of all students living in the IPB University General Competency Education Program (PPKU) Dormitory. This effort is made to be safer and avoid the danger of spreading COVID-19.

"The repatriation is carried out in stages with the help of the regional student organizations (Omda) of each region, by first we screen students who will return to their regions," she said.

She said that his party then issued a health certificate from the IPB University Clinic for entry requirements to their respective regions. She added, for students who were not healthy, they received treatment and assistance until they were declared healthy by the IPB University Clinic doctor and then they were sent back to their area.

As for lecturers and education staff, she said, regulations were issued to work from home. Then also the issuance of Letter Number 3974/IT3/HM.00/2020 by the Chancellor of IPB University concerning Vigilance Against the Spread of the Corona Virus.

After that, a Circular on Campus Entry Restrictions Policy was issued by the Vice-Chancellor for Internationalization, Cooperation and Alumni Relations/Chairman of the Crisis Center COVID-19 IPB University Team. The Circular contains the Health Protocol and Precautions for the Prevention of COVID-19 and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever for IPB University Employees.

"With this Circular, IPB University is a step in helping the government prevent the spread of COVID-19," she said.

Drg Titik admitted that in carrying out his duties, she often encounters challenges. Starting from mentoring for IPB University residents who were confirmed positive for COVID-19, controlling the availability of drugs which at the beginning of the pandemic was still very difficult, finding referral hospitals, assistance for families, and no less difficult, changing people's views that COVID-19 is not a disgraceful disease.  

"It is undeniable that we must keep ourselves safe from COVID-19, but not by avoiding the disease because of disgrace, but avoiding it with the right health protocols and maintaining body resistance by eating nutritiously, getting enough rest, and exercising. forget to be happy," she added.

She also admitted it is not uncommon to receive complaints from patients. For example, finding a referral hospital which is difficult and requires queuing or handling at the hospital, which makes the patient's family not allowed to visit. However, with a good explanation, they realized that this COVID-19 spread very quickly. Therefore, it requires careful and good handling according to the procedure. Thus, patients can recover without infecting the environment that cares for them.

The current number of COVID-19 cases shows a downward trend in line with the increasing number of vaccinations in Indonesia. Nevertheless, She appealed to the public, including residents of IPB University, to always implement health protocols.

“Health protocols must be implemented starting from oneself, then to the environment. We must work hand in hand, reminding each other for a healthy lifestyle,” she added.

She also stressed that the obligation to overcome this pandemic is not only the government. However, all levels of society must help and actively participate in the handling. (DH/RA) (IAAS/NRB)

Published Date : 29-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Drg Titik Nurhayati

Keyword : handling of COVID-19 at IPB, IPB Clinic, restrictions on-campus entry, health protocols