Dr Megawati Simanjuntak Gives Time Management Tips with To Do List

Dr Megawati Simanjuntak, a lecturer at IPB University from the Department of Family and Consumer Science, gave tips on good time management. She said time management or good time management is to make a list of activities to be conduct.

“A lot of research that has been conducted shows that time management is one of them by making a to do list. This can improve productivity for professionals as well as daily domestic activities at home,” she said.

The winner of this nationally ranked outstanding lecturer also said that the to do list can reduce stress. This is because the activities to be conducted are more planned so that they can avoid the habit of procrastinating work. Not only that, but this effort can also avoid spontaneous or sudden activities or tasks that are done at the last minute.

“Relying on brain memory to memorize activities that must be conducted in one day can indeed be done. However, there is nothing wrong with using a to do list in order to improve productivity and reduce the potential for forgetting,” she said.

She also said that doing good time planning, can help complete work more efficiently and help achieve the goals set. To-do lists also help reduce the burden that accumulates on the head.

She further explained, to-do lists can be compiled in notebooks or applications available on smartphones. This usage adjusts the individual comfort of each.

She also provides tips on compiling a to-do list. First, she suggests setting aside one day in advance to compile a to-do list. For example, at night before bed. Second, she suggests making a to-do list of activities. If there is a schedule that must be followed, it can include the time and location. Third, to make the to-do list more interesting, you can add colorful markers. In addition, the colors used can also distinguish the level of priority scale between one activity and another.

“For example, the color red is used for priority activities that must be completed today. Yellow for important activities but not to be completed today. Meanwhile, the activity without color shows that the activity is not a priority, so the completion time can be postponed," she said.

In the fourth step, it is necessary to provide a checklist every time you complete a job so that the activities that have and have not been done can be known. Fifth, after finishing all-day activities, the IPB University lecturer suggested that she take the time to evaluate the achievements of the to-do list.

“The most important thing is to build commitment. Encourage yourself to follow the to-do list that has been prepared responsibly, instill in yourself to conducted the list of activities that have been made, unless there is an emergency and you have to shift the agenda that has been set," she concluded. (*/RA) (IAAS/ERN)

Published Date : 13-Sep-2021

Resource Person : Dr Megawati Simanjuntak

Keyword : time management, time management, activities, IPB lecturers