Vegetable Cheese Innovation by Prof Khaswar Syamsu, Suitable for Milk Allergy Sufferers

One of the most popular food products is cheese. Cheese is processed with animal milk as it's raw materials. But not all people can enjoy the benefits of cheese. Milk casein and high fat content cannot be enjoyed by dairy allergy sufferers and vegetarians. In addition, the price of cheese is also relatively expensive.

“People who want to diet also avoid eating cheese because it contains fat. Cheese is processed from protein, while protein is found in animal and vegetable sources. Cheese making can also use protein from soybeans,” said Prof Khaswar Syamsu, a lecturer at IPB University from the Department of Agroindustrial Technology.

Prof Khaswar Syamsu and a student from the same department, Kartika Elsahida, made an innovation. They made vegetable cheese from soy milk using Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) which has been isolated from the curd. The manufacture of vegetable cheese uses two types of raw materials, fresh soy milk and powdered soy milk.


“The principle of making this cheese is generally the same as in general, namely protein agglomeration at the reached isoelectric point,” explained Prof Khaswar. Furthermore, the figure who currently serves as the Head of the Halal Science Center (PSH) of IPB University said the research results showed a cheese flavor concentration of 0.9 percent with a total inoculum of 15 percent being the best formulation in cheese making.

“This cheese is also low fat because the fat content is 0.36 percent. The cheese has a longer shelf life when stored in the refrigerator,” explained this Professor of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, IPB University.

“This plant-based cheese belongs to the category of semi-hard cheese and skim cheese. With this formulation, the aroma of the resulting cheese is not much different from the cheese on the market with a confidence level of 95 percent. This aroma comes from the concentration of flavors to resemble the aroma of cheese from animal milk. If this cheese is ready to be commercialized, we can substitute raw materials from animal milk. Even this cheese has the potential to be exported to foreign countries such as India, where some of the people are vegans,” said the IPB University lecturer from Tanah Minang.

Besides being safe for people who are on a diet and allergic, the advantage of this innovation is the use of bacterial starter that comes from local specialties. This soybean-based cheese innovation, which was an innovation by the Professor of Bioprocess Engineering at IPB University, was published in the 100 Indonesian Innovations book in 2008 by the Business Innovation Center (BIC). The innovation has also been patented. (Ghinaa/Zul)


Published Date : 31-May-2021

Resource Person : Prof Khaswar Syamsu

Keyword : Cheese, 100 Indonesian Innovations, Vegetable Cheese