Prof Arif Satria Told the Importance of Technosociopreneurship for Veterinary Medicine Business

In order to welcome the World Veterinary Day which falls on April 24th 2021, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) IPB University held a webinar with the theme "Veterinarians in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic", on Saturday, May 1st. This activity was held mainly to discuss the various changes and adaptations that must be carried out to carry out veterinary practice in the pandemic era without reducing the quality of service to the community. The activity was attended by 225 participants from FKH students, veterinarians, and the general public.

Prof. Arif Satria, IPB University rector and Chair of the Indonesian Rectors Forum as keynote speakers explained the perspectives on the development of the veterinary world and technosociopreneur-based educational strategies. He said the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was included as a pillar at IPB University since its establishment until now. The strengths in the biomedical sector are very relevant in responding to the future.

"Considering that in the future, animal and human health will be united in a one health concept. Veterinarians will have an important role because they will better understand human health than general practitioners. The veterinarian profession is important and promising so that FKH students should be proud, especially if it is done with passion and love as success factors”, he said.

Technosociopreneurs vision of IPB University in 2045, is believed to be able to produce FKH graduate students who are also technopreneurs and sociopreneurs. This means that technopreneurs are able to take advantage of innovation for business interests, on the other hand, as sociopreneurs, they can utilize innovation for social interests.

"As an illustration, technopreneurs as veterinarians can develop the business world in the veterinary world by opening clinics to consultations and being able to open platform-based businesses, which are based on changes in consumer trends from product based to platform based”, he explained.

With more businesses turning to platform-based, veterinarians no longer need to practice at home. All services can be done through the platform. So that services become easier and more affordable in line with the dynamic development of consumers who want everything to be precise, fast, and transparent.

“The current consumer trend is different from previous consumer’ trend, the current trend is not just consuming. Apart from consumers, we also have to be able to do marketing, sharing, and shaping. That's the current consumer movement. Therefore, for consumers, the veterinarian will not only recover the pet, but the important thing is how the customer is satisfied so that they give a high rating. Because the key to a platform based is rating”, he added.

Later, the veterinary world will compete to provide the best service to try to get the highest rating. Service is important for veterinarians, so one of the things that must be built in addition to hard skills is the ability to communicate with patient owners. The ability to communicate is important considering that the biggest consequence today is consumer satisfaction. Where, along with the development of times and technology, consumers are getting smarter and developing. The ability to do business is also important, he believes that FKH graduates have the potential to develop business in the veterinary field. When developing a platform-based business, veterinarians must also master information technology (IT). It can be an opportunity to run the veterinary business as widely as possible.

In this activity, there were also Dr Drh Munawaroh, Chairperson of the IPB Association of Indonesian Veterinarians (PDHI) who explained the ethics of telemedicine services by veterinarians and Drh Siti Zaenab as the owner of the MyVets Animal Clinic who explained the stability of the veterinary medical business in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic.  (MW/Zul)



Published Date : 05-May-2021

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria, Dr Drh Munawaroh

Keyword : IPB University Rector, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary, World Veterinary Day 2021, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine