Bogor Regency Will Soon Hold Village Government School Based on Village Data Precision create by IPB University

"The Precision Village Data will be used as practical material for the participants of the Village Government School. This highly accurate data should be used as a reference in planning all forms of development programs in the village so that they are right on target, "explained Dr. Sofyan Sjaf when discussing the Village Government School (SPD) scheme at the invitation of the Bogor Regency Government (Pemkab) in the Bogor Regency Bappelitbangda Meeting Room. last weekend.

SPD aims to increase the acceleration of development in the Bogor Regency area. Namely by assigning village government staff to be fostered theoretically and technically regarding good governance. The output of SPD activities will produce Precision Village Data (DDP), which can be used as a reference for development planning.

The event was attended by a number of Bogor Regency officials, namely the Acting Assistant of Government and People's Welfare for Bogor Regency Deni Ardiana, Head of Inspectorate Azzhahir, Head of Bappelitbangda, Head of BPKAD, Head of Regional Secretariat Governance Section, Head of Cooperation and Legal Aid Section of the Regional Secretariat, Head of the Regional Secretariat Development Administration Section, Head of Section Procurement of goods / services by the Regional Secretariat, the Team for Acceleration of Strategic Activities Development, as well as the Team for the Precision Village Unit (UDP) LPPM IPB.

Furthermore, the Deputy Head of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) in the field of Community Service of IPB University conveyed the SPD scheme which would facilitate three representatives from each village to take part in learning and training with a predetermined curriculum.

"They are expected to broaden their perspectives and knowledge on governance and village management for three months. The material enrichment in the form of lectures, discussions with national figures and practicum on the implementation of DDP and its use in development policy planning, "he explained.

According to Pembak, the existence of SPD is urgent because currently there are still many village heads whose education level has not reached the 12 year compulsory education (SMA level). In the SPD, there is an increase in thinking capacity and technical capacity in running government at the village level so that it is faster to complete sustainable development goals. SPD will prepare the village government to face the speed of technological development and society 5.0, in order to achieve a smart village.

In addition, the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a national agenda requires the support and readiness of all parties in their implementation. The Village Government is given the task of being able to identify the level of achievement of the Village SDGs, but the measurement is carried out by the central government.

"DDP is able to provide measurement of the achievement of the SDGs in a fast, precise and understandable manner and the causes and solutions are identified by the village government. All forms of development policies and decisions will be greatly assisted by the availability of this DDP, "said Dr Sofyan.

Regarding SPD and the achievement of the Village SDGs, the initiator of the DDP further explained, "We hope that, in one go, two to three programs will be implemented. The Village Government School budget allocation and the implementation of Precision Village Data can use the Village Fund Allocation. Thus, the funds from the village are actually used for the benefit of the village and the village community itself. "

SPD is not just technical guidance, but an activity that will increase the awareness, knowledge, and capacity of the village government in terms of village governance and management. Learning and training activities with a structured curriculum will be in the form of vocational lectures and there is a determination of their graduation. For participants who pass, they will get a certificate from IPB University.

"The biggest problem currently facing the village is the inaccuracy of data used as a reference for development planning and policies. Therefore, the main program of SPD is to improve village data by implementing Precision Village Data, to realize precise village governance as well, "added Rajib Gandi, Deputy Chairperson of UDP LPPM IPB University.

According to Rajib, the SPD participants were the village head (Village Apparatus) and village delegates (Village Cadres). The duration of the lesson is eight meetings with 120 minutes each for the village head every Friday. As for Village Cadres, it is carried out every working day Monday-Thursday for 6 months. SPD activities are carried out through the distribution of three waves in one year, to facilitate 417 villages and 17 wards in Bogor Regency.

The SPD, which has been initiated and planned since 2018, is a form of Bogor Regent Ade Yassin's attention to improving village government human resources and improving village data. Village cadres are expected to be able to collect, process, present, and update their village data. SPD graduates will be accompanied by a village assistant master and collaborate with IPB University as a tertiary institution in village development activities. (IAAS/NAS)

Published Date : 11-May-2021

Resource Person : Dr Sofyan Sjaf,Deni Ardiana

Keyword : Precision data village, IPB University, Bogor Regency Government