IPB University Distributes 5300 Hari Raya Packages 2021

IPB University again provided 5300-holiday packages for lecturers and education staff. Distribution of packages lasted three days, 4-6 May 2021.

With the distribution of these holiday gifts, IPB University Chancellor, Prof. Arif Satria hopes to increase the gratitude of IPB University residents to the Creator. "We must give thanks to Allah for giving us health, blessings, and sustenance. With this sustenance, we can continue to give some of our sustenance for others with IPB University products, "said Prof. Arif Satria. He also explained that IPB University will hold halal bi halal for IPB University residents on May 17, 2021. The implementation of this halal bi halal is expected to increase a sense of solidarity and mutual belonging among IPB University residents.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Chancellor of IPB University for Innovation and Business, Prof. Erika B Laconi, said that the packages provided were the result of profits from the business run by IPB University.

 "All funding for this holiday parcel comes from businesses conducted by IPB University. Therefore, we hope that the business run by IPB University will be more successful so that there will be more gifts next year, "explained Prof. Erika.

Prof. Erika explained that the packages consisted of chicken, IPB 3S rice, fish, meat, and cooking oil. He explained that the provision of these products was also supported by related faculties such as the Faculty of Agriculture which provided IPB 3S rice, fish from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, and meat from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry.

"The product that we cannot produce is cooking oil. I hope IPB University can build a cooking oil factory so that we can experience the results of IPB University's innovation, "said Prof. Erika. (RA)



Published Date : 04-May-2021

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria, Prof Erika B Laconi

Keyword : holiday gifts, IPB University, IPB community, halal bi halal