Outstanding! Bringing Forest Healing Issues, IPB University Student Got Two International Achievements

IPB University student’ innovation achieved Grand Award and The Most Outstanding Pitch on Kryative Innovatin Award 2021. Students of Computer Science Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Muhammad Farhan Dirhami and his team creates mental health alternate therapy using forest natural resources based on Internet of Things (IoT).

The achievements were given to them on innovation awardee night by Krya Global on international creative and innovation day.

International Kryative Innovation Award was a competition and collaboration platform to show creativity and innovation that support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by United Nation (UN). This competition was attended at least by 182 contestants from 25 nations around the globe.

“This idea is familiar with my stress experiences so I think it’s necessary to the solution. Our team develop the base model to solve the stress problems with forest natural resources, forest healing. This idea also wins a gold medal on Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional (PIMNAS) 2020”, Farhan explained.

Forest healing is a new study in forest resources utilization for human health and to increase forest ecosystem. Forest healing was a new invention in Indonesia to heal both mental and physical health to reduce peoples stress.

In developing their innovation, Farhan said that his experiences become the main factor to develop alternate solution to solve peoples stress cases that rises during Covid-19 pandemic supported by his background in computer sciences.

Farhan said his team has different backgrounds. “Alhamdulillah, our team has different backgrounds that supports each other, there were Rio from Business School, Aldi Lesmana from Physics Department, Muhammad Rifqi Janjani from Veterinary Medicine, and also I’m from Computer Sciences. This collaboration makes our team unique from others”, he said.

During this competition, Farhan and his team faces distant trouble that makes their coordination a bit harder than ever and hardware limitations. This troubles can be solved by others help.

“Helps from our tutor, Mr. Dean Apriana, Kryative committee, IPB University family, and our friends makes us achieved this”, he said.

He hopes that youth can be more active and believe in them self to develop their potential by creating new innovations to solve people problems.

“We can’t say Indonesian youth are far from other nations youth, they were equal. In the future, collaboration between Indonesian youth needs to be facilitated by the government to create lots of innovation to make a good impact in Indonesia and around the globe”, he closed. (**/Zul)

Published Date : 23-Apr-2021

Resource Person : Muhammad Farhan Dirhami

Keyword : Forest Healing, International Kryative Innovation Award, IPB University, Students