Come Join the Mentoring Leader for Batch 3 of IPB University

Hello, IPB University young leaders! Have you heard about Mentoring Leader?

Mentoring Leader is a program from the IPB University Alumni Association (HA) for IPB University students so that students can develop their leadership talents by interacting with alumni who are experienced in their fields. This program is expected to be able to produce many other leaders from IPB University.

Mentoring Leaders are also open to alumni of IPB University who are in their first year after graduation, as well as for students who are currently taking their final year of education (semester >/= 8 for undergraduate and >/= 6 for diploma).

This program is looking for students who are active in organizations or have achievements (academic / non-academic) or have a minimum GPA of 3.00. For those of you who meet the criteria above, register yourself immediately by filling in the online form via the website.

Don't forget to prepare a portfolio of your organization / achievements to make filling out forms easier.

Make sure you are not the only one who knows this information, after filling out the form invite as many of your friends as possible by uploading a photo of your pride with twibbon which can be downloaded on the page, then mark @mentoringleaderid and 5 of your friends. Add a caption containing your hopes when participating in the Mentoring Leader (very mandatory!)

What are you waiting for? Immediately join the Mentoring Leader to prepare to become the future leader of Indonesia!

Contact Person: 0812-1191-0838 (Kresna)

Published Date : 23-Feb-2021

Resource Person : Kresna

Keyword : Mentoring of IPB University Alumni Association