Seven Reasons on Why Choosing the IPB University Aquatic Product Technology as Your Study Program

The Aquatic Product Technology (THP) is an Undergraduate Study Program under the Department of Aquatic Product Technology (THP), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK). As the Head of the Department of Aquatic Products Technology, Dr Uju explained that the vision of this Study Program is about to become a leading study program with international quality standard in the field of education, research, and Science &Technology (STD) application in the niche of tropical water product technology.

"The THP Study Program aims to produce vibrant graduates who are mastering science and technology in the world of creative and innovative aquatic products industries, producing an innovative and applicable technologies of the raw materials characterization for processing, diversification and development of biotechnology products of aquatic biological resources, Applying an appropriate technology in the field of aquatic products and establishing strategic access to research facilities, field practices and employment opportunities for the alumni, "She explained.

Whereas, there are at least seven reasons that can actually attract students to further continuing their study at the THP Study Program. First, this study program is an utmost trendsetter in the field of marine product technology in Indonesia.

"THP IPB University is the first fishery product technology department in Indonesia. Furthermore, (The THP) is pioneering the development in the field of education, curriculum standard reference, technology development and fisheries industry in Indonesia, as well as continuously developing biotechnology and bioenergy products from the marine products," said Dr. Uju.

Second, the THP Study Program has been accredited for A "Excellent" grade by the BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board for Higher Education). Third, the THP Study Program has received AUN-QA (Asean University Network - Quality Assurance) certification since 2016 as a legitimate guarantee of the education quality in accordance with the international standards (ASEAN region).

Dr. Uju further explained that, "The data from the Sinta Dikti has recorded that the THP IPB University Undergraduate Program is currently become the Best Study Program in the field of aquatic and fishery product technology studies in Indonesia."

The fourth reason is that the best quality of the lecturers. Accordingly, the lecturers in the THP Department are recorder that 91 percent of them already qualified for the S3 (Doctoral) and other 9 percent earned Masters degrees with various fields of expertise, comprising Aquatic Product Processing Technology, Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Food Technology, Chemistry, Marine Technology, Biotechnology and Pharmacy. In the current status quo, the THP has manage to have six lecturers (it's equivalent to 29 percent) with functional positions as the Professor (Professor). In addition, the THP Department Laboratory also has the ISO 17025: 2015.

The THP is the most innovative study program. THP lecturer research is always accounted in the list of 100+ most prospective studies in Indonesia. Whilst, the proposal for the Student Creativity Program (PKM) is among the largest one in IPB University and it has been annually funded as the largest by the Ministry of Research and Technology since 2002.

Sixth, the THP is the strategic pool for outstanding students. The THP students play an active and vital role in the scientific activities and they manage to win various National Student Scientific Week (Pimnas) competitions, Indonesian youth elections and other prestigious national and international events.

Last but not least, the THP is the most prospective graduates. According to the 2010-2015 survey, it showed that the waiting period for the THP graduates were only 2.73 months with wide range of strategic job opportunities. Annually, there are 26.2 percent of graduates who are able to gain the scholarships in order to continue their postgraduate education at prestigious universities, be it in the home country or even abroad.  So, come on, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself to get study in this study program. (IR / Zul)

Published Date : 26-Feb-2021

Resource Person : Dr Uju

Keyword : IPB University lecturer, study program, THP study program, marine product technology