Not One Year Established, IPB E-Sport Community Achieves Various Achievements

The boom in the world of e-Sports in Indonesia has encouraged the establishment of many origins and communities. The world of e-Sports is busy with people ranging from children, adolescents, adults to the elderly.

E-Sport itself for students is not a strange thing anymore. In between busy lectures, e-Sport is an option to get rid of boredom. Rather than just eliminating boredom, if practiced, the world of e-Sports has excellent potential for achievement. It has potential for achievement because there are so many e-Sport competitions between campuses or students in Indonesia.

At IPB University itself, many students play this online / e-Sport game but have not been well accommodated.

With this background, the IPB E-Sport Community was formed. This community, which was started on September 26, 2020, aims to accommodate the interests of IPB University students' talents in the field of e-Sport. IPB E-Sport is also useful for sharing information about the world of e-Sport. IPB E-Sport currently consists of four game divisions: PUBG Mobile, Dota 2, Mobile Legends, and Valorant. As the world of e-Sports develops, it is possible to add another game division.

"The existence of IPB E-Sport Community is so that IPB University students are more organized and have a goal direction because there is a place to channel their talents in the e-Sport field. I feel surprised at the excellent response from IPB University residents with the establishment of this IPB E-Sport. The students are very enthusiastic about joining this community. Not only that but IPB E-Sport Community also received good support from the Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB University, "said IPB E-Sport Community founder Muhammad Ridho Notonegoro.

Since its formed, IPB E-Sport has participated in many national level e-Sport championships. From several competitions that have been followed, the IPB E-Sport team has made achievements.

The Mobile Legend division won 4th place in the RI Kemenpora Cup, 2nd place in the Student League, 1st place at the Atma Jaya Esport Festival, 1st place in the UNJ XXX Rector Cup, and 1st place in the UNM Championship Rector.

The PUBG Mobile division's achievements include 1st place at the Atma Jaya Esport Festival and 2nd place for the UNM Championship Rector.

Meanwhile, the Valorant division's achievements are Champion 2 in the Accounting Sports Olympiad and many other championships that have been participated by the IPB E-Sport team.

The achievements of IPB E-Sport are not only from championship tournaments. One of the students and PUBG Mobile player on behalf of Kenia Maulidia, an IPB University student from the Department of Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), managed to become the runner-up of PUBG Mobile Campus Ambassador 2020.

Ridho's plan for the future IPB E-Sport Community will continue to strive to achieve more achievements and develop the world of e-Sport on campus towards a more professional direction through several planned activities.

"Playing online games is fine, especially if you want to do it; it's better because the potential is still huge. But don't just play online / e-Sport games beyond the limit and forget about our obligations as students, "said Ridho. (** / Zul)

Published Date : 08-Feb-2021

Resource Person : Muhammad Ridho Notonegoro

Keyword : e-Sport, IPB E-Sport, IPB University Students, Community