Lido Zone Appointed as KEK, LPPM IPB University President’s Speak Up

The Head of the Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University, Dr Ernan Rustiadi gave his comments regarding the Lido Zone being appointed as a Special Economic Zone (KEK) by the Coordinating Ministry of Economics, Airlangga Hartarto.

He mentions that the Lido Zone is located right beside forests. Because of this, the development of KEK should not convert forests and disturb the protective and conservation functions held in the forested area.

“This is something we must protect, because if not, KEK will destroy the environment’s balance,” said Dr Ernan.

According to him, it’s better to optimize utilization outside the forests. “If there is partial use of forest land, under the authority of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) that manages forests for recreational purposes and others, this can still be allowed under the conditions that there’s collaboration with KLHK to determine areas that can be used,” Dr Ernan adds.

He also mentioned that the people and local communities are utilizing the forests for nature eco-tourism. He suggests that forest utilization for recreational purposes should not hinder the activities of the locals.

“If the need to use the forests arise, there need to be efforts so that it has a social function for the locals as well. The programs should also benefit the local communities too,” he further explains.

This professor who is an expert in Developmental and Spatial Planning IPB University also spoke about the Lido Zone being appointed as KEK can be used to control illegal mining operations. “Illegal activities can be redirected to economic activities that do not destroy the environment. Other than that, activities such as nature eco-tourism can be synergized with other businesses to create harmony,” he adds

Dr Ernan hopes that with the appointment of the Lido Zone as KEK, it can give a major economic impact. He also mentions that this zone located between Bogor and Sukabumi can grow economically. With the development of environmentally friendly tourism, it is hoped that it can be a solution for Jabodetabek residents for a nature based recreational getaway.

“Recreational hotspots need to be spread, not only in the areas of Puncak and Cianjur. These areas get more crowded each year and it’s reaching its limit, creating opportunities for other places such as Lido to create their own recreational destinations for the people’s free time,” said Dr Ernan.

In the future, if all goes well, Lido might even be appointed a national tourist spot, or better yet internationally. “This zone can contribute to the export of tourist services, meaning it can attract international tourists,” said Dr Ernan. (RA)

Published Date : 16-Feb-2021

Resource Person : Dr Ernan Rustiadi

Keyword : LIDO ZONE, KEK, Nature Eco-Tourism