IPB Business School Best Graduate with 3,90 GPA Infatuated Business and Stocks

Rezky Bella, the Best Graduate of IPB University's Business School during one of the graduation periods. Her journey to know the world of business is somewhat winding. In February 2020, Rezky Bella closed her culinary business since IPB University implemented a partially closed down policy.

"In the middle of my own restaurant, I was invited by the National Zakat Agency (Baznas) to participate in digital marketer training such as Facebook ads and friends. After graduating in July, I did an internship for three months to try Facebook ads, after I also sold it through Facebook ads. Say I marketed various goods from e-commerce. Now I have submitted these activities to my friends, I am an investor”, she said.

Apart from working in the digital marketing field, Bella is also pursuing the stock market to invest in long and short term. According to her, this free and uncertain market condition presents many risks.

"Finally I decided to invest in a friend who was already good. I also got a million grants to invest in Facebook Ads. The remaining funds from the business profits that I previously ran, I turned to stocks. Because I know the risk is high, some of the funds I invest for the long term. But some are short term”.

According to the IPB University graduate who has participated in the Exchange Saga University Japan (Space-e), shares are part of the business.

"So during a pandemic, the business we invest in is also affected. Everything must have risks, if business is always profitable only if it does good deeds in the eyes of Allah. To minimize risk, I made clear agreements. Both in profit and loss. After that, what is the result, the most important thing is that we must first be sure where we invest, whether it is trustworthy or not”.

According to her, the most meaningful struggle during her studies at IPB University is always trying all opportunities. The most memorable thing for him was when she returned from a student exchange in Japan and determined to open a business with capital from IPB University. Bella did not think that all parties would support her from parents, lecturers and friends.

Through IPB University's Business School, Bella is taught how the knowledge she learns can and should be applied in real business. Not only during college, but also can be applied directly in work. Starting from the educational process, students are taught to establish and run a real business.

IPB University's Bachelor of Business is designed to produce graduates who are moral, entrepreneurial, think strategically, act tactical and work innovatively. In addition, graduates can become Business Consultants.

"My intention from the start to go into business was to be able to help many people. Rich or poor is not mandatory, doing business is mandatory and people say money is not taken to death, wrong. In fact, if the money is used for charity, God willing, it will become a merit. Success or not, it depends on Allah. So I can only try and try. If it fails, I will try again”, she concluded. (SM/Zul)



Published Date : 11-Feb-2021

Resource Person : Rezky Bella

Keyword : Business, Investment, IPB University Student, IPB Best Graduate