Tri Mumpuni, Alumni of IPB University, Titled as 22 Most Influential Muslims Scientist

Alumni of IPB University, Tri Mumpuni, shined her name again at international level. This time, her name is included in the ranks of the world's most influential Muslim scientists according to The 500 Most Influence Muslims published by the Royal Islamic  Strategic Studies Center. She is included in the category of influential muslim scientists for Science and Technology nomination alongside 21 muslim scientists around the world

Beforehand, Tri Mumpuni also achieved international awards. There were Climate Hero from World Wildlife for Nature 2005, Ashden Awards 2012, and Magsaysay 2012.

Currently, Tri Mumpuni is titled as Director of Institute of Business and Economic Affairs (IBEKA). He is also a pioneer in developing electricity independence in remote areas through a micro hydro power plant (PLTMH).

The PLTMH Tri Mumpuni has designed is a source of electrical energy for areas that has not yet reached by PLN. This PLTMH utilizes the potential of water or micro hydro energy to drive a turbine and produce electricity.

The woman who is nicknamed the “electric woman” has succeeded in lighting up 61 remote villages in Indonesia with PTLMH. For her, electricity is not the main goal, but how to build the village's potential so that people can compete economically and socially.

In fact, this PLTMH technology has expanded overseas since 2011. At that time, Philippines was a country entering the implementation stage of micro hydro electricity development, while Rwanda and Kenya were still in the training stage.

For her achievements, Tri Mumpuni was specifically mentioned by former President of the United States (US) Barack Obama in a meeting of entrepreneurs from Muslim countries entitled the 2010 Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship. (IAAS/RH)

Published Date : 22-Dec-2020

Resource Person : Tri Mumpuni

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