Realizing Sharia Agribusiness Bank 2024, IPB University Alumni Participation is Awaited

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Alhamdulillah, BPRS Botani has been able to survive and its performance is even better than last year. This can be seen from the indicators of assets, financing and fund raising. This condition gives optimism that the targets set in the 2019-2045 IPB University Long Term Plan (RJP) can be achieved,” said Iwan Rudi Saktiawan, SSi, MAg, CIRBD, Director of the Sharia Rural Bank (BPRS) Botani IPB University after attending a meeting with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) regarding the capital of BPRS Botani, (20/11).

In the RJP, BPRS Botani is projected to become a Sharia Commercial Bank in 2024 and then become a National Agribusiness Bank in 2045. For this reason, BPRS Botani invites various parties, especially alumni of IPB University, to participate in developing BPRS Botani. “We are currently opening the sale of shares of BPRS Botani,” he said.

On the same occasion, Ir Walneg Sofia Jas, MM as the Secretary General (Secretary General) of the IPB University Alumni Association (HA) welcomed Iwan's invitation. According to him, IPB University alumni need to support BPRS Botani as a manifestation of support for IPB University's efforts to play an active role in improving the economy and welfare of the community, especially Indonesian farmers.  

“In the long term, it is hoped that the establishment of the first agribusiness bank in Indonesia will support the progress of agribusiness actors. And BPRS Botani is the embryo of the establishment of the Indonesian Agribusiness Bank in the future, Insya Allah,” he said.

Furthermore, Walneg mentioned some of the support that IPB University alumni could provide to BPRS Botani. Namely strengthening the capital of BPRS Botani, placing deposits or savings and supporting BPRS Botani in developing its business through mobilizing its alumni network.

The same thing was conveyed by Dr Zulhamsyah Imran (Chair of the Division of Non-Governmental, Higher Education and International Relations of the IPB University HA Center Leadership Council). According to him, alumni are part of various business development partners of IPB University, including those managed by PT BLST, one of the companies owned by IPB University. Support from alumni is very much needed both in the circular economy context and in developing financial institutions such as BPRS Botani which can directly be used as a laboratory for students of the Sharia Economics study program.

”On the other hand, with the plan to develop a Sharia Agribusiness Bank system, in the future, the support of IPB University alumni who are mostly involved in the banking world is needed. With the number of alumni who have reached hundreds of thousands, of course it is not that difficult to raise capital. There is only the "One Alumni One Hundred Thousand Movement", for example, which is donated through DPP HA IPB University, the additional capital will quickly materialize. Alumni as partners of BPRS Botani can also develop their business through the financing of BPRS Botani and market alumni products through a marketplace that is being developed by BPRS Botani. At a minimum, alumni are willing to open savings and deposits so that the bank system without usury can be developed,” he concluded. (IAAS/SAR)

Published Date : 20-Nov-2020

Resource Person : Iwan Rudi Saktiawan, SSi, MAg, CIRBD

Keyword : BPRS Botani, Sharia Agribusiness Bank, IPB University, Banking, IPB Alumni