Collaboration between IPB University and CIMB Niaga Bank


IPB University and CIMB Niaga Bank made a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) via online platform (17/9). In his speech, The Rector of IPB University, Prof Dr Arif Satria explained that the collaboration is very important to strengthen education, research, and community service. “This collaboration is very strategic for developing Human Resources,” he said.

“"IPB University develops an executive class program for both degree and non degree. For degree programs, we have programs which are very relevant to CIMB Niaga. CIMB Niaga Syariah is also relevant because we have Master degree for Sharia Economics, Business Management, Management, and Master Degree for executive class. I think these program could also be used for the development of human resources in CIMB Niaga,” he said.

During this moment, The Rector also explained about the practice of Kampus Merdeka which could be done at CIMB Niaga. ”Kampus Merdeka has become a national program, one of the activities is an internship at a company for one semester. CIMB Niaga is very relevant with study programs of IPB University so that students can do an internship there. Morover, IPB graduates will also be able to have careers at CIMB Niaga,” he explained.

That matter was also explained by The CEO of Bank CIMB Niaga, Tigor M Siahaan. He said that CIMB Niaga is very proud to collaborate with IPB University.

“As we all know, the reputation of IPB University is not in doubt. Recently, IPB University became the Best Campus in Indonesia and became the top 60 campus in the world for agriculture and forestry. Not only that, many IPB University alumni have taken part and succeeded in becoming successful bankers. through this MoU, we want to participate in developing education. We could facilitate practical experiences through public lectures and sharing studies. Besides formal education, we also want to develop several concepts which have been developed with other universities,” he said.

According to Tigor, digitalization program is very important. Nowdays, 95 percents of all activities at CIMB Niaga are carried out digitally. “This is a trend, changing mindset and behavior. In the future, digitalization at CIMB Niaga will be permanent. It does not mean that there will be no branches, but the implementation will be different,” he explained.

As the closing statement, Tigor said, "That is what we want to try and implement in many campuses and hopefully we could participate with IPB University. We will also try to explore the potential of sharia finance that could be done". (IAAS/ISL)


Published Date : 17-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : collaboration between IPB and CIMB Niaga, Kampus Merdeka internship