Dosen Mengabdi IPB University, Understanding the Ocean through Oceanography

Dr Yuli Naulita, lecturer at IPB University from Department of Marine Science and Technology (ITK), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, awaken the interest of students of SMA Negeri 1 Kingdom, Pakpak Bharat Regency, North Sumatra to understand the distinction of Indonesian sea and get to know the science of oceanography in a simple way. In Dosen Mengabdi program, Research and Community Services Institute (LPPM) IPB University, Dr Yuli explained about Indonesia's sea which has high diversity, a special position in the circulation of world water masses, the potential of biological natural resources (pelagic fish) and non-living (OTEC) which is very potential as well as the completeness of all forms of the ocean.

“One way to study the aspects that exist in the ocean can be done through oceanography, which can simply be interpreted as an overview of the ocean,” she said in a webinar which was held online, (9/9).

In this activity, Department of Marine Science and Technology (ITK) was also introduced as a department at IPB University which has an Oceanography division and there was a sharing session from ITK students studying oceanography in the ITK Department.

The webinar was attended by the deputy principal of the school, Samson Ginting, S.Pd, who said that every year the school collaborates with the local government for admission of IPB University students through the Regional Delegation Scholarship (BUD). Meanwhile, through the SNMPTN and written examination, no students have been accepted in IPB University. “Students seem enthusiastic about being able to continue their studies at IPB University,” he said. (IAAS/SAR)




Published Date : 11-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Dr Yuli Naulita

Keyword : Dosen Mengabdi, Oseanography, Department of Marine Science and Technology IPB, IPB lecturer