Dosen Mengabdi Program of IPB University at Batik Village

All of bussiness, including micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), must be able to arrange financial report. Financial report arrangement of MSME sector is important because, based on financial report data, MSME could control bussiness’ operational cost and debt data, evaluate perfomance, and calculate taxes.

As a part of Dosen Mengabdi Program which was held by Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University, Mela Nurdialy, SE, Mak, lecturer of IPB University from Accounting Study Program, College of Vocational Studies, gave training about recording financial transaction and preparing financial report for MSMEs. This training was given to eight groups of batik artisan in Neglasari Batik Village, Cibuluh, Bogor City, (8/9).

In the training, participants also gained knowledge about how to use financial information logbook application (Si APIK) to record bussiness transaction and arrange financial report, such as balance sheet and profit-loss logbook, easily and quickly through smartphone.

“Si APIK application is an android application for online financial data recording which is launched by Bank Indonesia for micro and small enterprises and could be downloaded for free on Playstore,” she said.

The training was enthusiastically welcomed by the participants because they could understand and easily record the bussiness’ transaction like sales (both cash and credit), expenses such as purchasing raw materials, operational cost payment, assets evaluation (including depreciation of assets), stock opname, bussiness credit, capital, and other transactions, which automatically generate financial report and financial ratio in smartphone.

Cibuluh Batik Village is inhabited by more than 40 families whom are batik artisans. They are divided into eight groups. Batik artisan in Cibuluh Batik Village become one of the groups who are facilitated by IPB University and Baznas, also supported by Government of Bogor City. The village is aimed to become tourism village at Bogor City. (IAAS/ISL)



Published Date : 11-Sep-2020

Resource Person : Mela Nurdialy, SE, MAk

Keyword : lecturer of IPB, Batik Village, College of Vocational Studies, Dosen Mengabdi, LPPM