“Inspiring Professional and Leadership Award” and “Outstanding Figure and Inspiring Leaders of the Year” 2020 for IPB Alumnus

 Kaisar Akhir, alumnus of IPB Dept. of Marine Science and Technology who was also scholarship awardee from Ministry of Finance’s Scholarship Services and Research Funding program for Master’s study at World Maritime University, Sweden, is currently active in the organization he founded, Maritim Muda Nusantara (MMN). Kaisar and team have initiated several programs and movements. Through his hard work, Kaisar was awarded with Inspiring Professional and Leadership Award by Indonesia Award Magazine 2020. The criteria of the awardee includes management, organization governance, relation with investors, social responsibility of organization, credibility, dedication and loyalty, strategic and visionary thinking, and fulfilling the authoritative standard of achievement. Following the Inspiring Professional and Leadership Award, Kaisar once again received a national award, this time for Outstanding Figure and Inspiring Leaders of The Year 2020 under the Indonesia Most Admired Award 2020 initiated by the Indonesia Development Achievement Foundation (IDAF). IDAF is an organization with the mission to share information about the best human resources in Indonesia so that the public can get inspiration and a source of quality information, whose vision is to increase the quality of Indonesia’s human resources as a form of anticipation in facing global challenges and ASEAN Economic Community. The IDAF Award was also awarded to other high performing national public figures, institutions, and companies both private and state-owned enterprises.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, Kaisar and team held a nationwide fundraising for coastal communities and fishermen who have been impacted and 34 Provinces Digital National Working Meeting which was the first in Indonesia. Together they contribute to coastal communities and traditional fishermen by teaching them about maritime knowledge, including about ocean pollution to the fishermen’s children. Currently, there are more than 1,300 members and volunteers from all of Indonesia in MMN. The organization also has local organizations in all 34 provinces of Indonesia. Specifically, MMN has three maritime missions, 1) to provide maritime human resources who are professional, global employability, ethical, dedicated, and able to prioritize the nation’s matters; 2) to develop updated, effective, efficient, and environmental friendly maritime science and technology; 3) to strengthen the maritime culture in society. He conveys his intention to increase both his and his organization’s achievements and benefits for Indonesia’s Maritime, starting from local surrounding communities to the global level with the approach of sustainable development and placing youth as the front guard. His message for the millennial generation is encouragement to increase self-capacity together, to sustainably benefit from the maritime resource, and to love Indonesia’s maritime. He also encourages the youth to create maritime innovations and business based on the 4.0 industry and principals of blue economy. With the achievement of these awards, they hope to be more beneficial and impactful in the development of maritime based on blue economy 4.0 which can bring together technology and local wisdom by utilizing sustainable maritime resources all across Indonesia. He also relays a message to the young generation to keep loving the ocean and maritime, and to innovate and collaborate to build the nation’s maritime towards the advancement of Indonesia and the world’s axis in maritime. He encourages the youth to invest their time for the improvement of the nation and happiness hereafter.

Published Date : 11-Jun-2020

Resource Person : Adalah Kaisar Akhir

Keyword : IPB alumni, Indonesian Maritime Youths, leadership, the center of maritime