Synergy of Civitas University of IPB University in the Dedication Movement Towards Empowered Villages

Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development (Ditmawa PK) IPB University and the Ministry of Agriculture and Villages, Student Executive Board of Students (BEM KM) IPB 2020 held a webinar entitled "Synergy of Serving", (20/5). The webinar was attended by 100 participants through Zoom Cloud Meetings with Prof. Dr. Ervizal AM Zuhud (AMZU) as the IPB University Board of Professors, the webinar with the theme "The Role of Campus for Empowered Villages" aims to make the academic community understand well about community service so that it can implement it in social life. Community service is an activity that aims to help certain communities in some activities without expecting anything in return and community service is also a part of the Higher Education Tri Dharma.

Prof. Amzu said the main problems and challenges faced by IPB University today and in the future are how we are able to solve everyday problems, be able to approach complex challenges, and adapt to changing environments. In responding to these problems and challenges, IPB University will become an independent campus with a 2020 curriculum that is a place of education and leadership learning for all time for the nation's children who are Pancasilais. An inspirational and innovative education and learning center united in realizing human resources and science and technology, Pancasilais for the sovereignty of food, energy and health of the Indonesian nation and actively participating in realizing world peace and sustainability.

 "An example is the existence of community service activities in the villages around the campus. The aim is to make IPB University's village campus a place of education and daily learning for students and lecturers, to develop a mentoring system and the application of IPTEK University's IPTEK innovations. One example of integration between dedication and science and technology is the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKNT) program in the villages around the campus which can be directed to food sovereignty by producing healthy food raw materials for IPB University's healthy canteen and for consumption by villagers around the campus, "he explained.

According to him, IPB University also has a Food Sovereign Village Campus program, Energy and Health. Namely the production and cultivation of healthy food raw materials on IPB University land and village land around the campus, harvesting management, post-harvest and marketing management of agricultural, fishery, livestock and forestry products around the campus, especially to supply daily healthy food needs IPB University community, construction and management of healthy canteens, healthy restaurants and healthy cafes inside and around campus, development, management and supervision of canteen facilities, ready to drink water, washing hands and healthy toilets are standard; promotion, promotion and consultation on health, healthy food, balanced nutrition and healthy living; IPB University's innovation for the development of agricultural villages around the campus.

"This activity is very good because it can open new insights related to how to manage the potential of the village and the role of what the academic community can do to realize sustainable service. Hopefully the service at IPB University will be more visible and the potentials in the village around the campus can be explored to the maximum, "said Zahir Surya Pranata, Minister of Agriculture and BEM Village KM IPB 2020. (IAAS / NAS)

Published Date : 22-May-2020

Resource Person : Prof Ervizal Amzu

Keyword : Prof. Ervizal Amzu, IPB University, BEM KM, Ditmawa PK, community empowerment, village around campus