Sandi Octa Susila- IPB University Alumni Become Millennial Farmer Ambassador in the Kick Andy Heroes 2020

Sandi Octa Susila received an award as Millennial Farmer Ambassador in the Kick Andy Heroes 2020 on Kick Andy's 14th birthday. The award was presented by the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, Johnny G Plate at the Grand Studio Metro TV, Jakarta (22/3).

He said that he presented the award to agricultural warriors who deserve to be real heroes. Hope in the future, in welcoming 2045, Indonesia will become the world's food barn. In 2045 there is also a demographic bonus that is expected by many young people to become millennial farmers and develop together.

"Inshallah optimistic, when advancing together, Indonesia Food Storage World is not just a dream but is sure to be achieved," he said. This award was won for his efforts in moving the world of agriculture so that it has a social impact on the wider community. The Alumni of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture IPB University succeeded in empowering 385 assisted farmers. Thanks to these efforts, Sandi was able to earn around Rp 500 million per month from vegetable agribusiness.

Sandi manages 120 hectares of vegetable land affiliated with Nusantara Plantation Limited Company (PTPN) and private land and private land with 50 employees in charge. In addition, the code also manages the land that is entrusted to him in the PMDK (Community Empowerment Village Garden) program.

"I took farmers from three districts in Cianjur, namely Gekbrong, Warungkondang and Cugenang. The rest are from various regions such as farmers in Garut, Wonosobo, Bandung and others, " he said.

Sandi said, there were seven people who won the Kick Andy Heroes award. Other nominees are engaged in social fields such as foundations, tree planting movements, empowerment through bamboo and so on. "The only nominees engaged in agriculture are me and thank God I became the heroes of the people's choice," he added.

In live streaming on Metrotvnews, Andy F Noya as the host of Kick Andy said that this year the Kick Andy Heroes 2020 presents a different jury than the previous year. Jurinya comes from young people who have done a lot of activities related to humanity such as Deputy Governor of East Java, Emil Dardak, Artist Dian Sastro Wardoyo and Social Entrepreneur, Al Fatih Timur.

"The evaluation criteria are the impact that arises to the wider community, how long it takes, the level of difficulty. Is it located in a difficult area or remote village and the humanist side that emerged from the activity. There are 20 candidates and the jury is refined to become the seven most interesting nominees, "Andy said. (IAAS / NAS)

Published Date : 26-Mar-2020

Resource Person : Andy

Keyword : Sandi Octa Susila, Kick Andy Heroes 2020, Alumni, IPB University