Strengthening Teamwork, Locus and Focus, IPB University Researchers Are Ready to Serve the Community

Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University held a Workshop on Coordination and Implementation of Agromaritim Institution Research 4.0 (PI-AMar4.0) of IPB University, in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Auditorium, IPB University, Dramaga, Bogor (9/3) ). 

PI-AMar4.0 is an institutional level of research that comprehend the principles of integrative, top down, thematic synergy-collaborative and applied professionally. This workshop in regard to the context of synchronizing fishbone scheme so that it can be relevant with the locus and focus of research. Fishbone is a diagram or framework in order to analyze the cause of a problem or condition. LPPM Deputy Head of Research, Prof. Agik Suprayogi said that, one of the objectives of the workshop was to encourage a robust teamwork within the researchers and encourage them to serve the community, notably farmers, fishermen, breeders, industry, and local governments. "LPPM gear the PI-AMar4.0 to a specific locus and focus in several locations with the principle of rolessharing and collective responsibilities with the local government and private sector. Researchers are encouraged to think professionally, not just researching for themselves because of develping their knowledge and career, but it's more than that. Researchers are encouraged to think about community issues together with a scientific transdisciplinary approach in a certain location, "said Prof. Agik.

Prof. Agik said that, as a college, IPB University has the role of sending researchers to a certain location. This is a manifestation of nobel contribution to the local government. Whist, the local government is expected to play a strategic role  to oversee the process of implementing research for agricultural development, in a broad landscape in multiple times in the form of policy readiness, APBD support, communication access, infrastructure etc. 

"The workshop activities & the implementation of PI-AMar4.0 are expected to build a better character of researchers. Notably, having a culturally rooted of character and value, because what makes IPB University different from other universities is the character of nation building with the expertise and professionalism of researchers. Another metric is that the proliferation of research results to the community, can be faster in addressing the nation's problems. In addition, IPB University as a driving force for development of the region through the concept of collaboration with various parties (Academics-Business-Government-Community) can be seen vividly in Indonesia, "said Prof. Agik. 

Other than that, through the PI-AMar4.0 program, the proliferation of research results to the community can be encouraged even faster in solving the nation's problems, and IPB as a driving force for development in the region through the collaboration concept with various parties (Academic-Business-Government-Community) can looks be clearly depicted in Indonesia. (IAAS/RI)

Published Date : 26-Mar-2020

Resource Person : Prof Agik

Keyword : LPPM, PI-AMar4.0, Research, IPB University