IPB University Student Placed Second in Agent of Change National Debate Competition

Three students from IPB University's Vocational School of Industrial Management program, Wulan Safitri, Ratna Elika, and Jordan Rizky Maulana has placed second in national debate competition held by Indonesia University of Education (UPI) last December in Bandung. This debate competition took the theme of Quo Vadis Agent of Change and Agent of Communication in Millenials Generation.

Through essay titled "Students as Comprehensive Agent of Change for the advancement of Nation and Country"these three students progressed to the final stage and hold second place. To progress to the finals, we have to go through essay selection first. We raised the essay (title) like that because as time changes dynamically, human resources must to be improved. If not optimized, can inhibit the grow of one's nation. Our vision is focused on in mental revolution as leadership, critical thinking, and broad knowledge. With these three things, we hoped that youth can be the motor of the society."Said Ratna.
This vision of change also pinpoint at three aspect which are horizon, skills, and devotion that needs to be synergise.

The first point, students are required to learn many things, in class or other studies and research done by student in nearby societies. The second point is to apply the first point to become a skilled person with critical thinking. Last point, based by the first and second point, students are required to serve themselves to the people. So the mental emphasis is more on the knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking based by mutual concern to the society. Ratna added. This debate competition is followed by 31 teams from 20 different universities in Indonesia, and eight teams were chosen to progress to final stage (IAAS/KRH)


Keyword : achievement, debate competition, IPB University

Published Date : 06-Jan-2020

Resource Person : Wulan Safitri, Ratna Elika, dan Jordan Rizky Maulana

Keyword : achievement, debate competition, IPB University