1,500 High School Students Join Masuk Kampus IPB University Tryout

All preparations were commited by high school students ahead of the admission of new students at various universities. Learning and following various try outs was one of it. For that reason, Masuk Kampus of IPB University held a SBMPTN try out which was held on Saturday (4/1) at Grha Widya Wisuda, Dramaga Campus, Bogor and attended by 1,500 participants.


Dr drh M Fakhruddin, Head of Promotion, Communication Bureau of IPB University in his remarks said that IPB University was an institution that entered into the top three of Indonesia's best universities. Besides being the most innovative campus in the country, IPB University is the only university of agriculture in Indonesia that is included in the best universities on a global scale.


There are three admission pathways at IPB University namely SNMPTN, SBMPTN and Mandiri test. As part of the Mandiri pathway, to look for the seeds of the country's leaders, IPB University also opened a selection path for the Student Council Chair. Most recently, explained Dr. Fakhruddin, there was a Scouting Achievement Path but it was still limited to Kwarda West Java. IPB University also opened international classes for veterinary study programs, food science and technology study programs, and agricultural industrial engineering study programs.


"Students must be able to create a strategy in choosing study programs at IPB University, because there are several study programs that have a lot of interest. IPB University has nine faculties and two schools all of which have scored achievements both at national and international levels. Learning alone is not enough to deliver to the dream college, considering that hundreds of thousands of high school students in Indonesia also study as hard. For that we need a strategy, "he said.


Besides studying and practicing, it seems that motivation plays a role as a fatigue reliever to pursue the dream university. A motivational session was given by Indra Sugiarto, an alumni of IPB University who had successfully established Katalis Tutoring and a favorite platform for high school students, Masuk Kampus. Indra said that the key to pursuing the dream college is mental, academic, and priority. Strong mentality in the face of pressure from the environment, strong mentality to continue to be confident facing the ups and downs of the spirit of learning.

At the end of the event, Indra advised never to give up no matter how many problems we faced. Because the future can change dramatically depending on the decisions we made this year. (IAAS/SAR)


Keyword: Mask Kampus, IPB University, SNMPTN, SBMPTN,  University


Published Date : 08-Jan-2020

Resource Person : Dr Fakhruddin

Keyword : Mask Kampus, IPB University, SNMPTN, SBMPTN, University