IPB University Student Wins Silver Medal at 2019 XVI International Junior Forest Contest in Russia

Mahtuf Ikhsan, IPB University student from the Faculty of Forestry won the Silver Medal at the 2019 XVI International Junior Forest Contest (IJFC) in Voronezh, Russia. This activity took place at the Degas Hotel and Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies (VSUFT), Voronezh, Russia on October 28 - November 1 2019.

IJFC is a junior forestry world championship organized by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation through the Federal Forestry Agency. This activity is carried out in different cities in Russia each year and brings together forestry students worldwide to compete in terms of innovation in the forestry sector.

"Before the competition is held in Russia, delegates must pass selection to represent their respective countries first through a review paper submitted. The proposed scientific work or paper must be related to the forestry sector, especially in terms of forest ecology, forest fire, silviculture, forest management, innovative technologies for forestry, ecotourism and others, " Mahtuf said.

Mahtuf was successfully chosen to represent Indonesia in this 2019 competition. During the competition, the participants were asked to present the scientific work that had been made followed by questions and answers by the jury.

The jury includes representatives from the Federal Forestry Agency of the Russian Federation, the United National Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) / Timber Section, UNFAO, representatives from Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies (VSUFT), representatives from participating countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, China, Republic of Korea and Serbia.

"Participants selected to participate in this activity totaled 31 people from 20 countries. Namely from Russia, Mongolia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Norway, South Korea, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, United States, China, Nepal, Egypt, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, and the Republic of South Ossetia. This activity is not only in the form of competition, but also involves the Scientific Forum on Forestry, fieldtrip to Voronezh State Natural Reserve, Ball of Friendship night and Forest Quest competition," he said.

On this occasion, Mahtuf presented a scientific work entitled "Agroforestcape: A New Paradigm of Indonesia's Agroforestry Based on Blockchain Technology for Food Sovereignty and Environmental Sustainability". This scientific work tells about the development of a new paradigm in the agroforestry supply chain system in Indonesia.

Mahtuf relies on the 4.0 blockchain technology in realizing the target of food sovereignty and environmental sustainability. According to him, agroforestry is a very good concept in conserving forests while providing sustainable food production. However, agroforestry supply chain systems in Indonesia are still inefficient as there is no market certainty for farmers, institutions are closed and productivity is still low.

Therefore, Mahtuf proposes the use of 4.0 blockchain technology to regulate agroforestry supply chain systems to be more efficient and effective. Blockchain technology in supply chain management in agriculture and forestry has several advantages including a decentralized database, a means of managing data that is resilient and cost-effective as well as transparent and accountable especially for product traceability.

"After going through the selection phase, I managed to win the Silver Medal in this activity after setting aside other participants. The gold medal was won by the Chinese delegation and the bronze medal was won by the delegations of the United States and Russia. Not only that, I also got a Special Prize from the Voronezh Region Government Agency for my contribution in developing technology 4.0 in the forestry sector. "In addition, I also represented Indonesia at the same event last year the 2018 International Junior Forest Contest in Moscow and won the Bronze Medal or bronze medal at the time," he said. (NR)


Keyword: Student Achievement, Mahtuf Ikhsan, Faculty of Forestry, International Junior Forest Contest (IJFC) 2019, Russia, IPB University

Published Date : 05-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Mahtuf Ikhsan

Keyword : Student Achievement, Mahtuf Ikhsan, Faculty of Forestry, International Junior Forest Contest (IJFC) 2019, Russia, IPB University