IPB University Gain Asia Spirit to Strengthen Cooperation in Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

IPB University Gain Asia Spirit to Strengthen Cooperation in Fisheries and Maritime Affairs


The leadership of IPB University consisting of the Rector of IPB, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria and the Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Dr. Luky Adrianto accompanied by the Head of the Sub-Directorate of International Cooperation and Relations, Directorate of International Programs, Dr. Ing Dase Hunaefi was invited to Universiti Malaysia Trengganu (UMT) , Kuala Trengganu, Malaysia to strengthen cooperation by extending the Memorandum of Understanding. The delegation of IPB University was welcomed by the Vice Chancellor (Rector) of UMT, Prof. Dato ‘Dr. Nor Aieni bint Haji Mokhtar in the Vice Chancellor Office.

On this occasion, two Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was signed, namely between the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, IPB University with the Faculty of Environment and Marine Sciences, UMT and Project Agreement related to “Coastal Aedes Mosquito” initiated by Prof. Upik Kesumawati, Faculty of Medicine Animal, IPB University with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa bin Man from the School of Informatics & Applied Mathematics, UMT.

Present at the Courtesy Meeting, the Head of General Council of International Linkages Program (ILP), namely Prof. Dr. Sakuma Yoshiaki (Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries – Kagoshima University, Japan) and Prof. Kazuhiko Anraku (Faculty of Fisheries, Kagoshima University, Japan).

Prof. Sakuma told about ILP that had been initiated by Kagoshima University, Japan since ten years ago and had members from seven universities. Namely IPB University, Universiti Malaysia Trengganu, Sam Ratulangi University, Kasetsart University (Thailand), Nha Trang University (Vietnam), Kagoshima University (Japan) and National Chiayi University, Taiwan

This is in accordance with the target of IPB University with Agromaritim 4.0 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as ILP objectives. Rector of IPB University, Prof. Arif Satria who is also an alumni of Kagoshima University emphasized the importance of Asian spirit to strengthen fisheries and marine cooperation.

“Now we are facing the era of VUCA which is full of uncertainty and complexity. For this reason we cannot deal with it ourselves. We must work together and strengthen networks of fellow universities in Asia. Long-term collaboration with UMT must continue to be nurtured and developed especially in Agromaritim 4.0 For 2020, IPB University-Unsrat-UMT and Kasetsart are ready to hold a summer school together to increase the close cooperation that will be held in Indonesia, namely at IPB University and Unsrat Signing the memorandum of understanding gives a signal that cooperation will be tighter in various the field is not only fisheries and marine, but also other fields, “he said.

Meanwhile, in his presentation, Prof. Dato ‘Dr. Nor Aieni explained the importance of continuing to collaborate with IPB University both through ILP and dual universities IPB University and UMT. There have been many derivatives of collaboration with IPB University. Not only exchange programs but also joint research projects. The collaboration is certainly part of the 14th SDGs target. (NR)