Rector of IPB University Released 90 Lecturers and Education Personnel Entering Retirement Period

This year there are 14 lecturers, 69 education staff and 7 departed employees who have finished their tenure at IPB University. As a form of appreciation for their contributions and services, IPB University held an Appreciation to 90 Retired Employees of 2019 at IPB International Convention Center (IICC), Bogor 13/10).


The event, themed as the Endless Creation for the Best Campus, was held by the Directorate of Human Resources (HR). HR Director, Prof. Dr. Ir Titik Sumarti said that in addition to the release and appreciation, IPB University also provided retirees with a variety of training. The goal is that these retirees are ready to be independent and productive during retirement.


"Thank you for the gait of the ladies and gentlemen who have given the best for IPB University. Although separated in the workplace, the ladies and gentlemen are still part of the University of IPB. To the ladies and gentlemen, we congratulate the work in other places in the community," she said.


Meanwhile, the Rector of IPB University, Dr. Arif Satria said, thanks to the services of the lecturers, the retired service and employees who had been missing until now IPB University was still standing. The Chancellor hopes that these retired employees can still be productive and work.


"Ladies and gentlemen are the best human beings who benefit the system, for other humans. Gait of the ladies and gentlemen is something that is very important as a capital for us to continue to be able to provide the best because the progress of IPB University today is inseparable from what you have done in the past. Today will not exist without the past, and the future is very dependent to today. What we have achieved today is the result of past contributions," he said. (RYS)


Keyword: Employees of IPB University, Retirement, Endless Creation for the Best Campus

Published Date : 16-Oct-2019

Resource Person : Dr Arif Satria, Prof Dr Ir Titik Sumarti

Keyword : Employees of IPB University, Retirement, Endless Creation for the Best Campus