IPB University ISEE 2019 Facilitates Students to Get Scholarship Information

For twelve years, Ministry of Education, Student Executive Body (BM) of IPB University has consistently been conducting IPB University International Scholarship and Education Expo (ISEE). ISEE 2019 is an expo which provides information for international events and scholarships, both from international and national institution.

The education expo held for two days (7-8/9) in Grha Widya Wisuda (GWW) IPB University, Dramaga Campus, Bogor is one of Agrisymphony 2019 series of events, held in commemoration of IPB University’s 56th Dies Natalis.

This year’s ISEE’s theme is ‘Explore the World to Achieve Your Dream’. This expo is expected to provide information regarding scholarships, exchange programs, short term programs, and conferences in international or national level.

“This year’s ISEE extends its range of scholarships information, not only international scholarships but also national scholarships, such as Institution of Education Fund Management (LPDP), Tanoto Scholarship, etc. We want IPB University students, especially new students to be motivated and have knowledge regarding scholarships, so they can look for national and international scholarships in optimism. We hope that this event can be a platform of information and be a motivation for IPB students to go abroad,” said Alvin as the convener of ISEE 2019.

ISEE consists of two sub-events, which are education expo and seminar regarding scholarships information and international programs. Some of stands in the expo include Erasmus, LPDP, Tanoto, Directorate of International Program IPB University, Immigration Office, Linguistics Integrated Service Unit IPB University, Suiji SLP IPB University, Karya Salemba Empat Scholarship, etc.

The enthusiasm of the visitors was quite high, since the first day about four hundred students attend the stands. One of the visitors, Nadia, said that the expo was really helpful in helping her to get information about international programs.

“The stands in this education expo was very helpful to increase students’ knowledge regarding scholarships and how to prepare for them as soon as possible. Conversing and asking directly to the scholarships recipients add even more motivation to get the scholarship, especially for Master degrees and international programs,” said Nadia. (Ard)

Published Date : 11-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Alvin

Keyword : International Scholarship, Agrisymphone 2019, ISEE 2018, IPB’s 56th Dies Natalis