IPB Researchers Participate in Agricultural Insurance Training in Japan

IPB University researchers participated in the Agricultural Insurance Training themed "Spatial Data Utilization on Agricultural Insurance" at Chiba University, Japan, on May 8th -17th, 2019. The researchers included La Ode Syamsul Iman (Research Assistant for the Department of Soil Science and Land Resources ), Nina Widiana Darojati (ITSL Department) and Dr. Yudi Setiawan (Teaching Assistant for the Department of Forest Resources Conservation and Ecotourism, Faculty of Forestry).

This training was held by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as an invitation for its several partners in Indonesia.

JICA invited the partners to participate in this training project program on development and implementation of the process of assessing new damage to agricultural insurance, as a form of climate change adaptation for food security.

This project focuses on agricultural insurance for rice, which will be carried out by the damage assessment process as an adaptation to climate change and natural disasters for food security.

One of IPB delegates, La Ode Syamsul Iman, said that the spatial use program on agricultural insurance aims to study and understand the program through data analysis, identification, and analysis of methods. "The basic concept of the project and this training aims to learn and understand at least following through data analysis. "Identify the planting stage for rice plants, the method of analysis of flood damage assessment, the method of analyzing drought damage assessment," he said.

Agricultural Insurance is expected to play a big role in stabilizing agriculture production through loss compensation caused by climate change. It also aims to contribute in stabilizing food security as one of the four pillars decided by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), United Nations.

The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia has launched several agricultural insurance pilot projects to minimize the risk of production failure, especially rice farming. Indonesia is currently focusing on increasing food production, especially on rice. The main objective is to achieve rice self-sufficiency.

The key to agricultural insurance is damage assessment that must be precise, fast, quantitative, and as cheap as possible. As an approach to meeting these requirements, the introduction of innovative technologies including remote sensing technology into insurance procedures is expected to try with high priority.

Published Date : 15-May-2019

Resource Person : La Ode Syamsul Iman

Keyword : Agricultural Insurance Training, Chiba University, JICA