Helping in Selling Vegetables from Sukamakmur Village Farmers, IPB Student Wins Third Place in Inspirative Youth 2018

Muhammad Yusuf, a student of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), became the Third Winner of Inspirative Youth held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Cibinong City Mall, Bogor, last October 2018. Student from the Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry (Fahutan), who was familiarly called Yusuf, carried out an activity that was applied directly in the community of Sukamakmur Village, Bogor.

"I take up agriculture topic for the competition which focuses on the application of the agroforestry science in supporting food self-sufficiency. Agroforestry is the science of planting that combines forestry and agricultural crops, but there are still many failed implementations of this knowledge," explained Yusuf.

Agroforestry activity designed by Yusuf in Sukamakmur Village is named "Agrovill" or Agroforestry Village which has two programs, namely agroyard and agroforestcenter. Agroyard focuses on horticulture and staple crops for daily foods, and the excess can be processed or sold through a home industry. Agroforestcenter prioritizes plantations, forest plants, fisheries, and horticulture. All products are developed in accordance with market demand. In addition, another output that is beneficial to the community is the establishment of community institution that manages local human resources.

"During the implementation, the community is enthusiastic to participate in activities provided. Not only that, in the agroyard program there are several plants that can be harvested. Fish ponds and gardens have also been built for the agroforestcenter program," said Yusuf.

Yusuf marketed all products which are the results of community development using an e-commerce system in order to compete with the modern market. This system will be implemented for short term period when the activities of the program have been successfully run. The system is in the form of an online shop and food platform. Yusuf hopes that the implementation of this initiative can continue to be carried out by the target community and can also be applied in other villages.

"In addition, this activity needs a support from the government and related institutions considering that it is important and has a good impact on the community. My target in the future is to build a platform that markets a variety of staple foods and can be accessed and sold internationally," concluded Yusuf. (NIN/ZSP/Zul)

Published Date : 16-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Muhammad Yusuf

Keyword : Agroforestry, Inspirative Youth, online shop