IPB Garden Workers Trained to Understand Plant Variations

To provide better care about gardens and plants in Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), all garden workers get training about plant variations and how to create plant nursery in limited space. The lessons include plant variations that match the function of the garden itself.

For example, tall shrub plants have a function to limit the vision or short shrub plants usually planted as a delimiter. There is also ground cover; plants to cover the ground that cannot be stepped on.

This training was held for three days, started by a visit to Kebun Raya Cibodas and Taman Bunga Nusantara Cipanas, Bogor (13-16/11). Dean of Faculty of Agriculture of IPB, Dr. Suwardi said that this program was conducted to cultivate the love for plants, so there will be more incentive to care about the plants.

Dr. Ahmad Junaedi, as the Vice Dean of Resources, Collaborations, and Development of Faculty of Agriculture IPB, as well as the initiator for this program, said that this training will ensure that the plants in Faculty of Agriculture will be well-cared and pleasant looking.

The speaker, Slamet Budiarto suggested that Faculty of Agriculture has its own nursery. With nursery, there will be adequate facilities, such as cupboards and greenhouses so that the plants can be well taken care of. Not only that, management of compost fertilizer is important to cut down operational expenses.

"This training provides the workers to create garden in limited space, providing open green space according to the constitution and other documents. Humans should live alongside plants, so if the space is limited, grow plants in ceilings, such as on top of a building or Rooftop Garden," said Slamet. (Ard)

Published Date : 16-Nov-2018

Resource Person : Slamet Budiarto

Keyword : IPB garden workers, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Slamet Budiarto