Kumparan Salute IPB Press Release Interested in Readers

The Communication Bureau, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) conducted a media visit to one of the online media in Indonesia, Kumparan, Wednesday (10/17) in Jakarta. Managing Editor of Kumparan, Ikhwanul Khabibi highly appreciates the IPB Communication Bureau, which every day sends at least five press releases to the Kumparan editorial e-mail. "The contents of the writing are interesting, especially the news or writing relating to the achievements of the lecturers or students of IPB. The writings that IPB sent to the Kumparan media that the readers were waiting for and waiting for were news of student achievement or lecturer innovations that touched and benefited the people directly. However, it is not as clear as news or articles contained in the Kumparan news, it is all due to limited resources, "Khabibi said.

According to Khabibi, only a few universities conduct massive news delivery like what IPB did. IPB itself has various news categories such as event news, achievement news, research news, innovation news, and other news related to social aspects.

Brand Communication Specialist Kumparan, Natasha Alana Doods explained about Kumparan. Kumparan.com is Indonesia's collaborative media platform as a place to read, create and share various news and information. More than just digital media, Kumparan carries a collaborative and interactive platform built through the latest innovations and technologies. "Kumparan uphold credibility, and uphold journalism's ethics," he said.

On that occasion, Secretary of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB, Prof. Faiz Syuaib, said the arrival of the IPB team to online media such as Kumparan was very meaningful and useful. "We can directly know which news or writing is important and awaited online media such as Kumparan. This is a very good opportunity for LPPM IPB, there are lots of news or writings related to community service such as the news of the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T), IPB Goes to Field (IGTF) and writings of research results that can be published to online media, all of these can be implemented in collaboration with the IPB Communication Bureau. "

Head of the IPB Communication Bureau, Ir. Yatri Indah Kusumastuti, M.Si said, IPB must be able to take advantage of the slightest opportunity, so that news or writing can enter online media such as Kumparan. "IPB will continue to publish achievement news or innovations from IPB lecturers and students that can be directly felt by the community. The main news or writing is related to agricultural mainstreaming," Yatri said.

Meanwhile the Head of Public Relations, Public Relations Bureau of IPB, Siti Nuryati, S.TP, M.Si added, “We will continue to improve and try to present the best, so that the news or writing that we send to the mass media can be published and read community, " she added.

The Visit Media activity to the Kumparan was also followed by the Head of Internal Relations and Information Services Sub-Section of IPB, Aris Solikhah, S.TP, MM, IPB Publication and External Relations Program Coordinator, Rio Fatahillah CP, SIKom, M.Sc and staff of the Public Relations Bureau Communication between IPB. (NR)

Published Date : 19-Oct-2018

Resource Person : Ikhwanul Khabibi

Keyword : Communication Bureau, media visit, online media, Kumparan, press releases, lecturer achievements