Ready to Face Industry 4.0 Era, IPB Organizes Mechanical and Biosystem Fair 2018

World population in 2018 is recorded about 7.53 billion people. It is estimated in 2045 the number will be increased to nine billion people. This enforces Indonesia to invent the right solution in dealing with industry 4.0 era in various fields. Along with the increasing world population, demand on food will be increased as well. Agriculture as the forefront of food security in Indonesia needs to start be put together in order to welcome industry 4.0 era. In the moment of The 55th Dies Natalis Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Association of Agricultural Engineering Students (Himateta) IPB organized Mechanical and Biosystem Fair (MBF) 2018 at IPB Dramaga Campus, Bogor (15-16/9).

MBF 2018 was held to prepare the importance element in facing industry 4.0 era in agricultural field. MBF 2018 consisted of several events those are expo, competition, and national seminar. Expo was organized for two consecutive days at outdoor area of Graha Widya Wisuda. Expo stands showcased some innovations invented by students from Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering (TMB Fateta IPB). The competition was held with three competition branches, those are Scientific Writing Competition for college students, Written Idea Competition and Fruit Packaging Design Competition for high school students. These competition was participated by 90 teams from various regions of Indonesia.

MBF 2018 National Seminar this time themed ‘Industry 4.0 Revolution as The Step Toward Sustainable Agriculture’. That theme was brought because it has high urgency to the Indonesia’s readiness to become an independent country in agriculture. The increasing world’s demand of food is one major problem that we must starts to formulate the solution. This problem won’t be a calamity for countries that are able to cope with it. On other hand, Indonesia is the world biggest market because it has high population. A dozen years from now is “golden age” for Indonesia which will enjoy demographic bonus. Obviously that “golden age” achievement must be prepared from now.

The escalated consumption pattern and consumers’ behavior cause increasing food demand. Food industry will grow due to world population increased. Not only food demand that will be increased, but also it requires environmental friendly renewable energy breakthrough as one of main driving force of agriculture transformation.

Representative from Planning Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture RI who is also IPB alumna, dr. Prayudi Syamsuri, D.P., M.Si., explained industry 4.0 era for agriculture and food requires preparation in various sectors such as bio-industry, precision farming, connected tractor, intermittent irrigation, smart harvesting, farm land rent, planting plan, price projection, artificial flavor censor, e-auction, chef-robot, smart transportation and retail services. Precision farming is started from on-farm agriculture industry to the ready-to-eat dishes on table. Connected tractor is can be operated by putting chip on the tractor. Intermittent irrigation is used to saving water consumption, started by taking bath with shower,” he said.

Published Date : 17-Sep-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Prayudi Syamsuri, S. P, M.Si

Keyword : Ready to Face Industry 4.0 Era, IPB Organizes Mechanical and Biosystem Fair 2018