HA IPB Celebrates IPB’s 55th Dies Natalis Through Various Social Environmental Activities

Alumni Association of Bogor Agricultural University (HA IPB) celebrated IPB’s 55th Dies Natalis Commemoration through various series of positive and contributive activities by involving several elements and generations in the environment of IPB Alumni.

“In this momentum of IPB’s Dies Natalis, HA IPB wants to spread and to burn the spirit of caring, friendship and concern about environmental conservation. HA IPB with the spirit of caring, especially to respond to the situation of major earthquake that hit people in Lombok, organized fundraising Peduli Lombok. Other than that, the spirit of caring was also demonstrated with HA IPB National Blood Donor in nine cities in Indonesia at the same time. Moreover, to complement this IPB’s Dies Natalis, HA IPB reminded the spirit of conservation by organizing Indonesian Rare Trees Conservation Movement. This series of events has been started since August 2018 and will be ended on September 28th 2018,” said General Chairperson of HA IPB Central Board, Fathan Kamil.

HA IPB will contribute in mean of reviving people economy through farming or plantation activity and agricultural-based Small and Medium Enterprises (UKMs) coaching.

Meanwhile HA IPB National Blood Donor activity will be held regularly in HA IPB environment.

“This Blood Donor activity we organize as an embodiment of IPB Alumni’s caring and concern for humanity in Indonesia. This activity’s objective is none other than to support PMI’s program which is promoting blood donor to people who need it. IPB Alumni were called to keep donoring their blood sincerely. This activity is the second time organized since the beginning of management of HA IPB officials which was inaugurated in February 2018,” Fathan continued.

As the appreciation and thankful from Central Board (DPP) HA IPB for the collaboration and participation of the Local Board (DPD) and Branch Board (DPC) officials in this Blood Donor, a live Teleconference was organized between General Chairperson and General Secretary of DPP HA with the officials of DPD and DPC HA at the same time in those nine cities. Not only Blood Donor event, DPP HA IPB is collaborating with Seameo Biotrop and Student Executive Board (BEM KM) IPB will implement Rare Trees Conservation Movement on September 28th 2018.

On that occasion there will be Talkshow event themed “Save Indonesian Rare Trees”, which will present source person the Director of Seameo Biotrop, Dr. Irdika Mansyur, lecturer from Faculty of Forestry, Dr. Haryanto and Head of Bogor Botanical Garden. At least one hundred rare trees from various species will be planted at IPB Dramaga Campus and other a hundred trees will be given as souvenir for the alumni to be planted at their own houses as the Go Green at Home Movement.

Director for Collaboration and Alumni Affairs IPB, Dr. Hetti Mulyati hoped,” With activities that are organized by HA IPB like this, hopefully it will enhance and strengthen the alumni network to always contribute in various fields. With the alumni’s potency which is diverse and has been active in various fields and strengthened by collaboration ties under HA IPB, it can be a huge power to build the nation. These several social activities are the tangible proof.” Also presented Head of Sub-Directorate for Alumni Affairs, Directorate of Collaboration and Alumni Affairs IPB, Beghiner Subhan, S.Pi, M.Si. (qa)

Published Date : 14-Sep-2018

Resource Person : Fathan Kamil

Keyword : HA IPB Celebrates IPB’s 55th Dies Natalis Through Various Social Environmental Activities