IPB Students Turn Genjer into a delicious snack

Kerupuk (crackers) are crunchy savory snacks and are widely consumed by the people of Indonesia. With their affordable prices, kerupuk are eaten as an accompaniment with meals or as a snack. There are even people who consider eating meal is less delicious if accompanied without any kerupuk. Therefore no wonder if in Indonesia we find many kinds of kerupuk.

One type of kerupuk that are now popular in Indonesia are Kerupuk Kandas Peran, the abbreviation of Kerupuk Kencur Genjer Pedas Pengirim Pesan which was an innovation from students of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Through the Entrepreneurship Student Creativity Program (PKM-K) 2018, Syafeera Permata Devi, Dhea Rizky, Sahrin Nugroho, Gilar Budi Pratama, and Aam Amelia created kerupuk made from kencur (Kaempferia galangal) combined with genjer (yellow velvetleaf) and then packed with a packaging that was added with blank columns to write messages made as a media for messaging.

Genjer was chosen as the main ingredient in the production of crackers, because it has not been optimally utilized. This is because genjer contains fiber that is difficult to digest. In addition, genjer is considered as weeds by farmers.

Under the supervision of Dr. Roza Yusfiandayani, the five students of Bogor Agricultural University made Kerupuk Kandas Peran from basic ingredients such as tapioca flour mixed with kencur, spices,and genjer pieces. Then all the ingredients are mixed until the dough becomes dull. The dough is then moulded and steamed. Once cooked, the kerupuk are then dried so that when fried the it can expand well. Kerupuk then are ready to be packed.

This product got good response from every buyer. "This Kerupuk Kandas is very delicious," said by a customer. “I heard from one of the customer, ‘This must be delicious if eaten with warm meal,’. Even the wife of Vice Dean of FPIK IPB said that the iftar will be better if  accompanied with Kerupuk Kandas Peran and the famous Presenter in Indonesia, Najwa Shihab also commented, "Keep spirit for Kerupuk Kandas Peran", said Syafeera.

in 3 months (April to June), Kerupuk Kandas Peran has sold up to 700 packs, even in July there have been orders 300 packs for reunion event. Now its market has expanded to Lampung, Belitung, Bangka, Lombok, Madiun, Klaten, and Padang.

Plants that once considered as food of the poor can now be enjoyed as a healthy snack because of the content of iron, carbohydrates, calcium, energy and other in the 80 gram package with Rp 8000/pack. (FM)

Published Date : 11-Jul-2018

Resource Person : Syafeera Permata Devi, Dhea Rizky, Sahrin Nugroho, Gilar Budi Pratama, dan Aam Amelia

Keyword : IPB Students Turn Genjer into a delicious snack