SHARE Scholarship Program: Opportunity for Countless Benefits of Study Abroad

Europe and ASEAN have shared histories together and also has initiated various collaborative programs since then. SHARE (The European Union Support Higher Education in the ASEAN Region) is a program coordinated by European Union and ASEAN that aims to strengthen regional co-operation and to enhance the quality, the regional competitiveness and the internationalization of higher education institutions in ASEAN regions. As a flagship project of the ASEAN education sector, SHARE is conducted to promote the harmony among European and ASEAN regions as well as to improve the quality of higher education institutions in ASEAN. Not only the program will provide the opportunity for the Higher Education institutions to improve their performance, but also will provide the students with the scholarship coordinated by the European Erasmus scholarship. The scholarship will make the mobility from and to ASEAN, as well as from ASEAN to Europe possible. SHARE scholarship offers a fully-funded, one semester exchange for undergraduate students from selected universities across the ASEAN regions. SHARE scholarship is collaborating with 32 universities in 8 ASEAN countries and 10 universities in 10 European countries. (see details on:

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) has been joining and collaborating with SHARE scholarship for 3 periods (batch 2, batch 3, and batch 4) since 2016, along with Bina Nusantara University, University of Indonesia, and Diponegoro University. During the 3 years period, there were 88 IPB students who applied to the program resulting in 25 students successfully admitted to the partner universities. The 25 students from IPB have been granted with SHARE scholarship and has pursued their studies in 13 universities located in 7 countries (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Poland and the Netherlands). Reciprocally, 46 students from 8 universities in 5 countries (Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, and Laos) have applied to the program resulting in 17 students successfully admitted to pursue their study in IPB.

There are countless benefits the students will get from SHARE scholarship. Firstly, by following the student exchange programs with SHARE scholarship, students will earn credits from partner universities. So, students do not have to spend longer time for studying in their home universities. Secondly, being SHARE awardee will strengthen students’ and alumni’s network. Thirdly, students will learn the cultures from different countries during their stay. Last but not least, the program will give the opportunities for student to develop their career internationally.

In 2019, SHARE will open its last batch. The information and the application flow is platform-based and can be accessed on The students who are interested and who have already had the Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from SHARE scholarship’s partner universities can apply for a scholarship on the website as soon as the application is available. SHARE scholarship covers tuition fees (waived by the universities), a monthly stipend/living allowance, return airfare, health insurance, a one-time settling in allowance, study materials, and visa costs throughout the duration of the program (KFH/FR)

Published Date : 04-May-2018

Resource Person : Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB)

Keyword : Scholarship, Student Exchange, IPB Collaboration