IPB Student Teaches TKI Children About Character Building in Malaysia

Sri Devi Wahyuni, a student of Communication Science and Community Development Department, Bogor Agricutural University (IPB) shared her knowledge to the children of Indonesian workers (TKI) in Selangor, Malaysia.

With an intention to serve the community, Devi enrolled to Indonesia Youth Teaching Program 2018, which was held by Youth for Future, an Indonesian NGO which focuses on education and business. Went the extra miles, Devi chose the international scale community service.

 “While in Selangor, Malaysia for five days at the end of March, with the other 27 delegates from Indonesia, I shared my knowledge to children of TKI who worked in Selangor, Malaysia. All of them were under the responsibility of Education Center of Indonesian Citizens (PPWNI) there,” Devi explained.

Devi along with other delegates shared their knowledge in the form of character building to TKI children who were studying in elementary school. The character building was about introducing nationalistic values alongside Islamic values, because most of the children were Muslims.

 “Possibly because there were less attentions given to the children, we tried to share our knowledge, especially in character building. We shared about how to becoma a person with good behaviour and able to control our emotion,” Devi added.

Besides character building, Devi also shared her knowledge about Indonesian nationalism and taught Bahasa to the children. Not only that, at the end of her stay, Devi with the other delegates presented an Islamic fairytale, cooked some dishes, and held a farewell event with the children.

“When I was about to go home, the children were very hopeful that we will visit them again in the future and share stories about Indonesia. They are Indonesians, but they don’t know that much about Indonesia, so I think it is important for me to tell them more about Indonesia,” she continued.

 “There were so many lessons that I learned. I was even more motivated to study, because our access to education is easier than those children,” Devi stated. (Ard)

Published Date : 16-May-2018

Resource Person : Sri Devi Wahyuni

Keyword : IPB Student Teaches TKI Children About Character Building in Malaysia