An IPB Alumnus’ Contribution for Nation through Writing

Nani Herawati, an IPB alumnus of batch 30 from Department of Community Nutrition and Family Resources, Faculty of Agriculture (now Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) has been in the world of authorship for quite a long time. Since childhood, Nani used to read books for fun, even her parents would prefer to buy her books rather than toys. This prompted her to aspire to become a writer.

She has done numerous works on writing. The books that she had written including textbooks (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics), children's books (Putri Senang Sekolah, Taman Bunga, Aku dan Keluargaku), health book published by the Depok Health Service (Bend Kecil yang Berbahaya), and motivational anthology book (Never Give Up, Suksesku Ada di RidhoMu, The Unspoken Love, Mertua vs Menantu).

During college, Nani participated in writing workshop for several times. After she graduated from college, she always found work related to writing and compiling books. "I decided to focus on writing job about ten years ago. It began to grow for the last five years when a company asked me to write a book. For the past three years I have been participating in online writing classes and writing communities to keep up with the digital writing world," she explained.

Although the profession as a writer is her job, Nani still put forward her main role as a housewife. Nani is usually asked to fill certain web-theme.

In addition, Nani also has another business, which is tutoring. "Since I was in college I got additional allowance by tutoring activities and Alhamdulillah now I have my own tutoring place and I’m assisted by two other teachers," she added.

Nani revealed that there is no special trick in managing time to become a writer and a housewife. "I usually finish the domestic works around nine in the morning. After that, I write because all my children have gone to school. At 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. the tutoring place opens. In between the time, I can still write a light article. If there is an extra writing order with fast deadlines, I do it when I wake up at night," explained Nani.

For her, the family is an encouragement, "I want to be a housewife who can continue to be productive at home and spreading the good even from house," she concluded. (RYF)

Published Date : 16-May-2018

Resource Person : Nani Herawati

Keyword : An IPB Alumnus’ Contribution for Nation through Writing