IPB Researcher Created Antioxidant- Rich “Wedang Tahu”

Wedang Tahu” is a traditional drink native of Java, in addition to herbs and dawet. "Wedang" in Javanese means "drink". “Wedang Tahu” a traditional food made from raw tofu and ginger soup known to contain many antioxidant compounds. In West Java this traditional drink is familiarly known as kembang tahu, in Central Java area such as in Semarang and East Java it is named tahua, in Yogyakarta it is called Wedang Tahu and in Surakarta people named it tahok.

Researchers of the Department of Food Science and Technology, of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, of Bogor Agricultural University (FATETA IPB) and Southeast Asian Food and Agricultural Science and Technology Center (SEAFAST) of the Institute of Research and Community Empowerment of IPB (LPPM),  Nurheni Sri Palupi explained that  “Wedang Tahu” has different antioxidant activity depending on the variety of the ginger. Optimization of ginger production process can improve the sensory characteristics and antioxidant activity of ginger sauce, resulting in a preferred taste.

"The process of making “Wedang Tahu” it is still somewhat traditional, the process of making “Wedang Tahu” with gingerbread we need of ginger and brown sugar, but there is no standard process of making “Wedang Tahu”. Therefore, we tried to analyse the laboratory test of “Wedang Tahu”, to analyse for its individual scoring effects using panelist to for descriptive analysis to decide the best formula that we expect for the standardized manufacturing process and produce products with the preferred taste, "he said.

To determine the best ginger standard for “Wedang Tahu”, she and her research partners, namely Larasati Ines Wardiani, and Budi Nurtama tried to make some ginger sauce formulas from different types of ginger and sugar with different concentrations. She tried to compare some concentrations of some ginger varieties. The ginger varieties, namely red ginger and emprit, mixed up with brown sugar were tested to obtain the optimum ginger sauce.

"These undesirable flavors, characterized as beany, green, grassy, painty, astringent, and bitter, have been associated with off?flavors from the oxidation of polyunsaturated lipids by lipoxygenases (LOX) present in soybeans. Or when making ginger sauce merchants may not peel one by one ginger they  use so that there may be compounds that cause bitterness or also the maturity level of the ginger. In the optimization process we carried out, we selected the ginger we used based on their the maturity level and varieties. We tried examined some ginger varieties to see which is mostly favoured both based on their tastes,  pungent flavour of ginger and sweet of sugar. We have now performed a systematic measurement of the total antioxidant content of ginger varieties, which produced the largest ranking of antioxidant gives the highest antioxidant content of “Wedang Tahu”, and remained the most preferred. We got the optimal formula “Wedang Tahu”," she said.

"Compared to traditional ones, the ginger sauce formula we developed is preferred to the panelists and the higher antioxidant content. Probably because  the process is optimized so as to give constant results. In a separate study, we also did the optimization of the process of to improve the texture and elasticity of the tofu, so that soft or silken tofu is more resistant to mechanical abuse during food preparation, transportation, and firm tofu can be sliced," she explained.

In addition, this team of researchers will also develop some tests to explore the potential of “Wedang Tahu”, the simple Asian desert is so refreshing and delicious, plus it has so many health benefits. “Wedang Tahu” can be consumed for its ability to boost the immune system, and for cancer prevention, hypertension and so forth.

"Currently the student I supervise  has produced instant ginger powder in the package,  hopefully in the future she will be able to produce instant “Wedang Tahu”. In the near future we will plan to conduct research program to analyse the otential of this food on the prevention of certain diseases. The goal is to provide added value, which links to the efficacy of food components against the prevention of certain diseases in accordance with the concept of functional food," she said. (Wied)

Published Date : 14-Mar-2018

Resource Person : Nurheni Sri Palupi

Keyword : IPB Researcher Created Antioxidant- Rich “Wedang Tahu”