IPB Kemawita Conducts Inspirational Holiday

A total of 54 members of the Student Family of Bukittinggi, Agam and surrounding areas held IPB Goes To School (IGTS) to 18 schools in Bukittinggi, Agam and surrounding areas. "We have held a socialization of IPB to high school in 18 schools with 2,000 students participated. Preparation of this IGTS activity was not easy and a careful planning was needed," said Chairman of Kemawita, Muhammad Hannafi.

This IGTS activity run smoothly because of the patience and positive intentions to spread inspiration and motivation, although many obstacles were experienced. "The first day of the IGTS Roadshow was held on 15 January 2018, with a burning passion we were ready to share inspiration and motivation. We have prepared the group distribution, the completeness of the brochures, and other things," said Hannafi.

More than 15 days, members of Kemawita socialized information about IPB to high school with passion, patience and sincerity. "We were happy that younger siblings were very enthusiastic about socialization, we not only promoted IPB here, but we also motivated them and shared our experience. Moreover, we also encouraged the students to determine the majors that will be chosen according to their interests, talents and passion without being influenced by others and selfishness," said Hannafi. He further said that their choices in choosing the majors will greatly affect their future university and work life.

During socialization, many questions were asked by high school students. The most questionable majors were Actuarial and Landscape Architecture. The question covered the definition of the major, course, and job prospects. A frequently asked question was why agriculture is important to learn.

When Kemawita socialized to SMA Negeri 1 Tilantang Kamang, the Headmaster, Edi Rahmana, was very grateful and appreciated the IGTS activity and hoped such activity can continue year by year. (TK)

Published Date : 13-Mar-2018

Resource Person : Keluarga Mahasiswa Bukittinggi, Agam dan sekitarnya

Keyword : IPB Kemawita Conducts Inspirational Holiday