Student from Bandung Asked Why Should Have the Agriculture, This’s the Answer of the Student of IPB

Every year, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) conducted the roadshow programs to the schools throughout Indonesia. It aimed to facilitate and convey the information about the world of lectures and IPB to the students of Senior High School (SMA). As a protective student, these students were expected to open their insights about universities and more mature to move to the next level of education.

One of the targeted roadshows was Bandung area. Regional Student Organization (Omda) of Paguyuban Mahasiswa Bandung (Pamaung) conducted the roadshow to SMA in Bandung Raya from 13 January to 4 February 2018. In this roadshow, Pamaung IPB had the motto of “Selama Manusia Belum  Bisa Berfotosintesis, IPB akan Tetap Eksis / As long as Humans Could Not Photosynthesize, IPB Would Still Exist”. 

Pamaung visited about 48 schools located in Bandung and surrounding areas. Around 50 students of IPB incorporated in Omda Pamaung directly intervening in this event. They provided the information related the lectures in IPB starting from the entrance, the study program, the campus life, to open the insight about the agriculture in the form of socialization from expo campus to class to class.

“We would like to thank the students of IPB for visiting our school. It is expected that after the students of IPB give information, the students become better understood to make choices to the next education level. Especially to IPB to print the quality generations of the nation,” said Sumarso, one of the teachers in SMA Bandung.

The students’ high enthusiasm towards IPB was seen from the many students who were curious and asked during the roadshow. Starting from any faculty in IPB, the condition of the campus environment, to the prospect of work in the future. Not infrequently also the students who asked why the importance of the agriculture than others.

Kak, why should there be IPB and how important is the farm actually?” asked one of the students who asked.

The agriculture was one of the foundations of the welfare of a country, plus Indonesia was an area with abundant natural wealth. Unfortunately, it seemed if we ignored this great potential for granted. Because the food was a matter of life or death of a nation, quoted from his speech of Ir. Soekarno, one of the students of IPB answered.

The output expected in this program was that the students of SMA could open the insight to the world of lectures, especially in IPB. Making a positive outlook that by farming we could save the future of Indonesia. (**/Zul)

Published Date : 14-Feb-2018

Resource Person : Organisasi Mahasiswa Daerah (Omda) Paguyuban Mahasiswa Bandung (Pamaung)

Keyword : Student from Bandung Asked Why Should Have the Agriculture, This’s the Answer of the Student of IPB