PSP3 IPB Organized Training Course for Young Villagers on Techno Socio Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurship Unit of Research Center for Agricultural and Villages Development (UKS PSP3) the Institute of Research and Community Empowerment of IPB (LPPM) provides Training Course for village youth to become a Techno Socio Entrepreneur. The participants of the TC are from  Muna Barat Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province; Sidenreng Rappang and Enrekang Regencies, South Sulawesi Province; Cirebon and Bogor Regencies, and Depok Sub-district of West Java Province; and Polewali Regency of West Sulawesi Province.

Head of PSP3 LPPM IPB, Dr. Sofyan Sjaf, said that one of the Training Program activities was "Free Food Sharing". "Such program is meant to train the presence of social spirit, foster spirit of togetherness and humanitarian spirit (humanism). The businessmen believe that they are defending free enterprise when they declaim that business is not concerned "merely" with profit but also with promoting desirable "social" ends; that business has a "social conscience" and takes seriously its responsibilities for providing employment, eliminating discrimination, avoiding pollution and whatever else may be the catchwords of the contemporary crop of reformers," he said.

The "Free Food Sharing" program, the trainees distributed 3 (three) tons of Cilembu sweet potato in IPB campus, Dramaga,  on 9, 11, 12 February 2018. This commodity the harvest or yield of the participants' working program.

The "Free Food Sharing" programs were conducted in three locations, as follows:

9 February 2018, was in Al-Hurriyyah Mosque's parking areas, of IPB Campus,  Dramaga,  and Agri Mart's parking,  at 12.30 WIB - after Friday prayer.

11 February 2018, was in Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW), IPB Campus, Dramaga, and Pasar Kaget,  at 08.00 am – finish.

12 February 2018, was at the Main gate and Berlin Gate, IPB campus, Dramaga, at  08.00 WIB - finish.

Dr. Sofyan explained that educational background of the 15 trainees, are high school, vocational school (D3), both undergraduate and the graduate studies programs (S1, and S2). They joined the TC because they are motivated to become entrepreneurs as well as innovators who fulfilling social life to help solve problems in their respective villages. The instructors of the Training Course are IPB Lecturers, innovators and entrepreneurs for three months (January-March), which include theoretical, technical, managerial and marketing capabilities of agricultural commodities.

"The present Training Course is the first batch of the planned Training Courses of the Center.  We planned to conduct  minimum of five TCs in a year, each will accommodate around 15-20 participants. Furnished by the knowledge they will learn in the training, the training alumni are required to create an agricultural demonstration plot and organize five villages in their respective areas," explained Dr. Sofyan.

He added that the training alumnus is the established network of UKS-PSP3 IPB to develop agricultural innovations in their respective regions. More specifically, the organization of the five villages is aimed at encouraging these villages to establish agricultural businesses through the natural resource-based enterprises (BUMDes) owned by the villages. Monitoring will be carried out through the assistance activities of agriculture innovation needed.

"For applicants who are highly interested in attending the Training Course, they are required to have willingness, dedication and loyalty to develop the village economy. Anyone is eligible to apply for the Training Curse, applicant is advised to apply as early as possible," he concluded. (Wied)

Published Date : 14-Feb-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Sofyan Sjaf

Keyword : PSP3 IPB Organized Training Course for Young Villagers on Techno Socio Entrepreneur