Productive Holidays, IPB Students Initiated Youth Movement in Three Countries

Vacation is the most awaited moment by everyone, including by students of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). During the semester break, most of the students return home to relinquish the longing for their loved ones and relatives. However, different things done by a number of IPB students who joined as Beneficiaries of Archipelago Activists Scholarship of Bogor Region and IPB Farmer's Children Love Movement Community. They initiated the implementation of capacity building activist project conducted in three countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. This event took place on 23-28 January 2018.

The event, called "Youth for Movement Indonesia" or "Youth4Move", was attended by 42 participants from various universities in Indonesia with diverse organizational and scientific backgrounds. Taking the theme of "Seeing Indonesia from Outside to be Ready to Take Care of Indonesia", this activity aimed to open the horizon of Indonesian youth about the condition of the country with various viewpoints and embrace the youth elements to synergize to realize the great Indonesia in the future.

"Youth should be empowered to empower others. Youth4Move tries to empower the elected youth delegates to see the nationality perspective of the ASEAN region and take a role in solving the problem," said Chief Executive, Sugih Satrio Wibowo, who is also a student of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet) IPB .

This activity is a community service at the Education Center of Indonesian Citizens (WNI) Klang, Selangor by spreading the spirit of nationalism to the child of Indonesian Workers (TKI). All participants conducted crowd funding together and collected dozens of books donated directly to school children.

Advocacy forum with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) at Kuala Lumpur was also done as part of the way for struggle to solve complex problems related to migrant workers in Malaysia. In this forum, participants presented various solutions and ideas to the Embassy to accommodate the problems faced by Indonesian children in Klang.

Meanwhile, the journey of these students in Singapore started with a visit to the figures of Diaspora Indonesia focusing on Singapore Islamic da'wah activities at Muhammadiyah Islamic College Singapore. They were shown how Islam harmonized in a secular country.

Moving to South Thailand, they discussed with Muslim Community at Prince Songkla University. Based on the fraternity of fellow Muslim students, the discussion and sharing were related to the introduction of Islam from Islamic Institutions on campus with Muslims as a minority.

The deep impression was felt by the participants of Youth4Move, "I see Youth4Move as a forum for collaboration of young people with diverse backgrounds for one purpose, namely the good of Indonesia." Through this journey and dedication, I further appreciate the importance of contribution to Indonesia even though through simple things, "said Panji Laksono who also served as President of IPB Students 2016/2017.

The same thing was also conveyed by Fikriyatul Azizah Su'ud. This master degree student of Physics Science of Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya said, in the journey with this Youth4Move delegates he got some new friends and experiences. Besides, he also got valuable lesson about the meaning of gratitude, saw Indonesia from the other side and became a more useful person. "Hopefully there will be other Youth4Move event, so it can provide wider benefits for others," he added. (TK)

Published Date : 22-Feb-2018

Resource Person : Sugih Satrio Wibowo

Keyword : Productive Holidays, IPB Students Initiated Youth Movement in Three Countries