Winner of Tanoto Student Research Award from Bogor Agricultural University

Tanoto Student Research Award (TSRA) was an activity organized by the Tanoto Foundation. This activity was in order to collect and support the creative works of the students from various universities in Indonesia, in order to be realized and produce the solutions for various problems in the community.

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) was one of the universities where TSRA was held. This activity itself was held in several universities at the same time. The selected teams from each university were invited by the Tanoto Foundation to attend the media briefing as the forum for publication of the resulting innovation. The collection of the proposal of TSRA was submitted in May 2017 and the selection process was until January 2018, while the announcement of the champions was on 1 February 2018.

From IPB, there were approximately 80 teams who registered. After being selected, there were as many as 19 teams whose proposals were funded by the Tanoto Foundation. Through a series of monitoring and evaluation, of the 19 teams, which managed to occupy the top three were the team of Firerangers who won the first place, Kiln for the second place, and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) for the third place.

Firerangers consisted of four students from various departments in IPB. They were Zakhruvia Nisa Akromah from the Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry (Fahutan) of IPB; Opal Priya Wening from the Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (Fateta) of IPB; Jembar Pambudi  from the Department of Biochemistry; and Abdul Ghofur from the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Biosystem, Fateta of IPB.

Zakhruvia described that Firerangers was a foam formula for environmentally friendly fire fighters (biodegradable). This formula used a foaming agent from the palm olein to extinguish fires, especially on forests and peatlands. “Other that that, there is also a tool in the form of a noozle called trinozzle. This tool is able to adjust the type of fire, such as the type of surface, the top (crown fire), and the basic type (ground fire),” she said.

While for the second winner, namely the Kiln team, consisted of five students of the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Biosystem of Fateta of IPB. They were Mu’minah Mustaqimah, Nanang Al Abib, Abdul Muis Lubis, Gilang Ananda Putra, and Rama Anggriani Purba.

Kiln was a tool for making the coconut shell charcoal. According to Mu’minah, the advantages of this tool was that there were the design innovations in the form of hollow vertical bulkhead, so the oxygen distribution and temperature were more evenly distributed, so it was better than the conventional charcoal making machine. “The design of this tool is very compatible with the used drums, so that the fabrication is cheaper and affordable,” she said.

While, the team of WPC who won the third place, the members were the students of the Department of Forest Products, Faculty of Forestry (Fahutan) of IPB. They were Reni Sarasmita, Melda Yeni, and Fatur Jabar Kenam.

“WPC is made from the raw materials of the rice husk waste, the polypropylene plastic (PP), and it is added by the anhydrous maleic additive,” said Reni.

Reni added, the product of WPC which had been created by them could be the wood substitution material for the furniture use. This was the added value of the products they made.

The students of the three big winners of this TSRA compact revealed, that this activity was very memorable, because it could increase the power of creativity and innovation. The winners hoped that the innovation products they created could benefit the wider community. (HSCW/nm)

Published Date : 22-Feb-2018

Resource Person : Zakhruvia Nisa Akromah, Opal Priya Wening, Jembar Pambudi dan Abdul Ghofur

Keyword : Winner of Tanoto Student Research Award from Bogor Agricultural University