IPB Students Recommended Japanese Culture at Shinnenkai 2018

Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) again held Shinnenkai 2018, the association of the alumni of IPB students who had pursued their higher degree program in Japan. Shinnenkai literally is the Japanese tradition of welcoming the arrival of the New Year, usually by the drinking of alcohol. It is generally held among co-workers or friends in January. Shinnenkai 2018 was held by Persada in the Common Class Room, IPB Campus, Dramaga, on 5 February 2018, and attended by students, lecturers, women member of  Persada Bogor Chapter and general public as well.

Persada is a group of Indonesian people who have pursued their higher degree program or live in Japan for at least three months.

Roza Yusfiandayani as Chairman of the Organizing Committee for Shinnenkai 2018 said that Shinnenkai is a cultural tradition of Japanese society for a joint meeting at the beginning of the year. The goal is to start a new spirit and inaugurate the new Executive Boards of Persada Bogor Chapter by the Central Management of Persada Implementing Agency (BP3). Present as the representative of BP3 was Ismadji, as Vice President for the  Organization of the Central Management of Persada.

"In Japan, Shinnenkai is usually implemented by dining out in restaurants or outside like in the park. Shinnenkai 2018 of Persada Bogor Chapter was conducted with various events such as Japanese food festivals, Japanese cultural festivals, dance and Japanese songs and social meeting to start a new spirit for Persada Bogor Chapter, "he said.

The newly inaugurated Chairman of Persada Bogor Chapter, Dr. Luky Adrianto, who is also the Dean of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science of IPB, hopes Persada Bogor Chapter will grow and develop, and will be paternized by other institutions outside IPB campus.

Rector of IPB, who is also the Adviser of Persada Bogor Chapter, Dr.  Arif Satria, expressed his hope that members of Persada will transmit the Integrity and virtue, of the  forming of good character they learned from everyday life while they were in Japan to others. (Wied).

Published Date : 14-Feb-2018

Resource Person : Dr. Luky Adrianto

Keyword : IPB Students Recommended Japanese Culture at Shinnenkai 2018