Wow! First Time, No waste Seaweed Lipbalm

For appearance problems, most women do not often spend a lot of money to be able to produce the appearance that she wants. Especially about make up. One of the cosmetics often used by women is lipstick. Did you know that many of the chemicals used today in various skincare and cosmetic products are gaining attention because of the negative effects it can have on our skin and health.

Dry and chapped lips can be a big nuisance in everyday life. They are painful and sore when you talk or smile; the cracks may even sting and burn when you eat something sour or spicy. What’s more, chapped lips have an unsightly rough texture and are always peeling off or bleeding. Using a commercial lip balm frequently is the most common solution for chapped lips but results stay only a short period of time. And the worst is that the salicylic acid, phenols or menthol contained in the lip balms make the lips drier or may cause allergies on the skin later.  Therefore, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nurjanah, Professor Chair Holder of the  Technology Department of Aquatic Results of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science of Bogor (FPIK IPB) managed to make a seaweed-based lipbalm to respond such problems in moisturizing and nourishing the lips,

"We use natural ingredients of seaweed porridge with various combinations without waste, rich in bioactive components (antioxidants, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, SPF, vitamins)," he explained.

The raw materials used have been tested and have been undergone through the testing phase of bioactive component content and overall results indicate that it meets the standards set by BPOM and SNI cosmetics.

Currently, seaweed-based lipbalm innovations are being commercialized in the country and will become one of the export commodities. The public can order the lipbalm through Instagram @rumahrumputlaut account. Price is affordable, it is only 25,000 Rupiah  for natural lipbalm-based seaweed.

Currently the natural lipbalm of seaweed is produced in Rumah Rumput Laut (RRL) located in Kavling Anggraeni Blok A, RT 5 RW 3, Cihideung Ilir Village, Ciampea. This business has earned the status of Prospective Beginner Technology-Based Company (CBPPT) granted by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Directorate of Higher Education.

RRL does not only sell lipbalm. There are other cosmetic preparations based on local seaweed such as Pomade, mask, and sunscreen cream.

All natural ingredients make this lip balm hard to beat. This is the first time that Lipbalm made with seaweed components. In the production process of lipbalm, no waste is generated because all components of seaweed are used, it glides on smoothly without feeling heavy.

"If lipbalm usually made up of seaweed extract but not so with our product. Our product does not use chemical-based solvents because it uses only water. Our Certified organic lip balm is here to end your dry lip days. It is rich in natural anti- oxidants, soothing liquorice root and the vitamins of seaweed oil. Thus this is a new breakthrough in the cosmetics industry, "explained RRL Production Manager, Rini Yanuarti. (Wied)

Published Date : 19-Sep-2017

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Ir. Nurjanah

Keyword : Wow! First Time, No waste Seaweed Lipbalm