Students of IPB were the Champion of the Appropriate Innovation Designing the Sheep Hair Fiber Decomposer Machine

Three students of Bogor Agricultural University namely Chairani Ridha Magfira from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine along with Hendi Okta Kurniawan and Beny Irwanto from Faculty of Agricultural Technology, were managed to obtain the 1st Champion of the Appropriate Innovation in the event of FST Fair 2016 in Jambi. The FST Fair was the contest event of the  National scale organized by BEM of Faculty of Science and Technology of Jambi University. In this activity, there were several series of the contests aimed at the students and the pupils of SMA.

“I and the team come along the category of the appropriate innovation contest. The category of ITGN alone is approximately 86 proposals entered according to the information from the committee, and it is selected 10 best proposals to enter the grand final stage. The participants are the teams consisting of 3 people at maximum from various universities in Indonesia, there are 10 finalists from various universities in the contest categories namely IPB, ITS, STTPLN, UB, UII, USU, UNDIP, State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya Palembang, Makassar State University, State Electronics Polytechnic of Surabaya,” said Chairani.

The idea that they raised was the sheep hair fiber decomposer machine, named Flizer Roll. The title of the work was “Peningkatan Nilai Tambah Limbah Rambut Domba Melalui Pemanfaatan Flizer Roll: Mesin Pengurai Serat Rambut Domba / The Increase of the Added Value of Sheep Hair Waste through the Use of Flizer Roll: the Sheep Hair Fiber Decomposer Machine”. The initial inspiration came from one of UMKM of the handicrafts of the sheep display which was developing i.e. ECODOE.

The method applied in making dolls was still manual by using the Hand Carding tool, especially on the decomposition of the hair fiber of the sheep. From there, it came the inspiration to make the sheep hair fiber decomposer machine, with the aim to simplify the work process. It was expected, with this machine the production process became faster, and the result was better in terms of quantity and quality compared to by using hand.

“Actually this machine is semi manual, since to put on the hairs of the sheep, it is still manually, but the combing and the decomposition use the machine,” she said.

The Flizer Roll was the innovation of the sheep hair fiber decomposer machine which could remove the dreadlocks and the curly hair waste of the sheep. The hair waste that was not formed could be reprocessed into something of value, more refined and neat to be crafted. The power source used was the electric motor, which could increase the decomposition capacity which was typically 0.7 kg/hour with the manual decomposition to 1.5-3 kg/hour with the Flizer Roll. The decomposition process of the sheep hair fiber was faster, with the power of 0.25 HP.

This tool had advantages with the technical economic analysis with R/C 2.11, so it was worth commercializing. The payback period from the Flizer Roll was 140 days of the production active period. Another plus was that this design did not exist in Indonesia yet. 

“Incidentally it is indeed the process of filing a patent i.e. on the part of its combing machine (its carding cylinder). The needle pattern of the comb or penyucuk is also not arbitrary. There is a pattern, and in Indonesia alone the machine with the similar function is usually still imported from New Zealand with a relatively expensive price, if the target is the small and medium industry,” she said.

This machine innovation had a very clear and proven target and usefulness in UMKM Ecodoe. Its strength was more evident in the impact of its use. Other than that, from the originality the machine was also superior.(IRM/Zul)

Published Date : 17-Jul-2017

Subject : Chairani Ridha Magfira, Hendi Okta Kurniawan, and Beny Irwanto

Keyword : Students of IPB were the Champion of the Appropriate Innovation Designing the Sheep Hair Fiber Decomposer Machine