IPB Held the Workshop on Writing the Research Result

Directorate of Research and Innovation of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) conducted the Workshop of Academic Writing and Publishing, Tuesday (11/7), located in Auditorium of Andi Hakim Nasoetion, Campus of IPB Dramaga, Bogor. This activity was followed by the lecturers and the undergraduate and postgraduate students (S1 and S2).

Director for Research and Innovation of IPB, Prof.Dr. Iskandar Z. Siregar, said, the publication for a higher education institution or research institution was a must, as a form of the responsibility for the use of resources. “We want to encourage the international publication of IPB to increase, so that IPB looks real. It will be very good results to be able to be published and utilized by the international scientific community,” he said.

He added that this workshop unraveled how the lecturers and the students of IPB to get the key to publish the research result soon. Therefore, they should pay attention to the writing target, especially in English. “This is a process that must be continuously done in IPB and become the part of the scientific atmosphere existed in IPB. Hopefully, the future of the lecturer and the student of IPB continues to improve its research activities, so that it can improve the rating of the Institutional Accreditation,” he added.

This workshop presented the resource persons, Dr. Richard de Grijs from Peking University, Beijing China, and the expert staff of Enago, the leading English editing service provider for the global research community. With the Enago, the lecturers, the researchers, and the students would have access to the qualified editing service, which would give them a great opportunity to publish their works in the leading international journal.(Awl)

Published Date : 17-Jul-2017

Subject : Prof. Dr. Iskandar Z. Siregar

Keyword : IPB Held the Workshop on Writing the Research Result