Joint Wednesday Meeting of IPB

Commencing 2017, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) held a Joint Wednesday Meeting at Graha Widya Wisuda Building (1/2), Darmaga campus of IPB, Bogor. The event entitled "Mainstreaming of Agriculture for National Independence" was attended by approximately 1,200 people: educators and educational personnel. On this occasion, Rector of IPB, Prof. Dr. Herry Suhardiyano presented an Overview of Strategic Policy, IPB’s Performance Achievement 2016 and IPB’s Performance Target of 2017.

Rector said the theme of IPB’s working program of 2016 was Innovation Reputation. In this year Tri Dharma (Three major duties) of higher education in IPB is focused on producing and developing a wide range of useful innovations to improve the quality of products, systems, models and policies to boost national competitiveness through breakthrough and excellent research.

He added that IPB’s performance of 2016 is a collective contribution of all working units in IPB. He said there are seven strategic policies as the center of change, a breakthrough which is expected to give a positive impact on improving the performance significantly, namely: (1) Policy on Quality Improvement and Expansion of Access, (2) Policy on Facilitation of Accreditation / Certification / Indexing, (3 ) Policy on Management of Research, Innovation and Dissemination, (4) Policy on Zero Percent Management Fee, (5) Policy on Transformation of State University as Legal Entity, (6) Policy on Payment System Implementation, and (7) Financial Management Policy.

"The resulted assessment of IPB performance of 2016 based on the Performance Management System (Simaker) indicates the achievement of 92.65 percent. The achievement is categorized as good although there are some performance indicators that have not reached the target and we need to push to achieve it together," said the rector.

IPB also consistently gives appreciation to prospective innovation and supervise its commercialization. This policy is carried out so that the lecturers are always eager to produce innovations, among others, by selecting and rewarding highly prospective and prospective innovations. Promotion of innovation is also done through business meetings as part of the networking of the Academic-Business-Government-Community (ABGC). Through PT. Bogor Life Science and Technology as a holding company of IPB, various innovations of IPB have successfully entered the stage of commercialization and been perceived as giving advantages by communities as well as begin to give profit. An accelerated commercialization of IPB’s innovations is expected to proceed through Taman Kencana Science and Techno Park.

IPB’s performance in the financial aspect is based on the following three objectives: (1) a strengthened financial governance, (2) an improved income source, and (3) an increased welfare. In 2016, IPB’s financial performance reached 99.14% of the specified target. IPB performance in the perspective of research and academic excellence reached 87.90% of the performance targets set in 2016.

In this event, IPB’s performance targets of 2017 was also signed by the Vice Rectors, Secretary to the Institute, Head of LPPM, Deans of Faculties, Dean of the Graduate School, The Acting Dean of the School of Business and Director of the Diploma Program. The performance target of 2016 is the baseline that has been rationalized for the achievement in 2017.

The increased performance indicators of 2016 become the basis for setting performance targets in 2017. The performance indicators that have not been achieved in 2016 are still used as the same target.

For 2017, there are seven indicators of performance in the perspective of the target stakeholders, of which the target is increased from that of 2016. For the financial perspective, there are six target performance indicators increased from those of 2016. In 2017, there are 14 indicators of performance in the perspective of research and academic excellence, increased from those of 2016. there are five performance indicators for internal business process perspective with the target of 2017 increased from that of 2016. In 2017, there are 11 performance indicators in the perspective of capacity building with a higher target than that of 2016.

The Wednesday meeting was also coupled with a submission of awards to the winners of the website contest in 2016 as well as outstanding academicians and education personnel. To enliven the event, present at the event were centers of excellence for science and technology, namely Tropical Biopharmaca Research Center (Trop BRC), Center for Tropical Horticulture (PKHT), Centre for Primate Studies(USDP), Southeast Asian Food and Agricultural Science and Technology (SEAFAST) Center, center for Coastal and Marine Resource (PKSPL), and Surfactant and Bioenergy Research center (SBRC). Further, there were also units of Academic Enterprises (SUA), Agribusiness Development Station (ADS), and PT. Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST). *** (Mtd)

Published Date : 08-Feb-2017

Subject : Prof. Dr. Herry Suhardiyanto

Keyword : Joint Wednesday Meeting of IPB